• Best Ozzfest out of all

    Which ozzfest do you guys think was the best?

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    Started by xZakkxSlaughterx

  • new 3IOB

    What do you guys think about the new 3 Inches of Blood album? I think it's just as good and amazing as their past.

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    Started by Mustakrakissh

  • sig help

    Okay, I'm very retarded when it comes to computes. would someone please give me some help on how to attach a sig to my posts?

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    Started by Leader1

  • friend requests......

    i got some friend requests but "the page is not available." is this happening to anyone else? i have a feeling it is, lol. shouldn't this...

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    Started by psycho_bitch

  • kimmel replay

    didnt they say there was a spot at kimmels website or something where you can see the ozzy performances if you missed it

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    Started by ozzrokk