I went to Ozzfest at the Comcast in hartford. The bands were great.  The performances were awesome.  The venue left a whole lot to be desired.  The venue was dusty and everyone was completely filthy by then end for starters.  Aside from that, the venue's rules prevented me from full enjoyment of the day's activities.  I purchased lawn tickets along with friends and family because they were the tickets that were in our price range and with fear of Ozzy's performances being fewer and farther between we would rather not pass it up because of price.  Besides in the past the lawn was a nice cozy picnic like environment filled with blankets and lawn chairs.  All that changed when comcast put their lousy name on the venue.  Upon entering the venue I explained to the security that I had fibromyalgia, a painful medical condition, which made sitting on the ground extremely difficult.  I was assured I would be allowed a chair in the sections where the wheel chairs are designated to sit and was made to put mine back in my car.  The chairs they had were folding chairs which cause more pain than the ground.  We were only offered those seats 5 hours after the event started leaving me to painfully stand on the hot gravel for that time.  When we finally got to sit I was already in a lot of pain.  As the evening progressed my pain increased due to being on the ground as I knew it would.  No amount of shifting would make the pain subside and by the end of the event rather than being excited about Ozzy's appearance I was grateful that the event was almost over.  Also the refreshments were ridiculously overpriced.  I mean $4.50 for a 20 oz bottle of water?  On top of the fact that the only place I managed to find bottled soda was at the VIP only concession stands.  The fountain soda tasted horrible and they charged $4 for a 16 oz cup!  Plus bottle caps were taken at the point of purchase and not given to the person who bought the bottle.  What is that about?  What if someone knocks over my bottle?  You don't seriously think I will spend another $4.50 do you?  I was so disappointed by my experienced that my spouse, who also has fibromyalgia, and I have decided not to attend any more events at this venue.  It especially saddening that the venue will not make provisions for those who are disabled but not in wheel chairs.  I would attend Ozzfest again but only if it plays somewhere else.  Comcast ruined my Ozzy experience!!!!!
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god that is not the way to treat physically diable people i would have bitched more to tha venue, i mean isnt that state obvious to them?  what is it with these venues? also arnt they supposed to accomodate peeps with conditions like yours?
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