As you may or may not know, Chi Cheng (bass player of Deftones) was in a car accident in November 2008 and is currently in a "minimally conscious" state, his family is currently trying to get him much needed treatment in new jersey. The insurance compnay has pulled out most of his funds and his family needs help to cover the expensive treatments he requires -- Fundraisers have been happening all over in the last week, but the one thing chi needs is a plane/jet to fly him over for his treatment. I remember reading once that Ozzy and sharon had a plane that they lent to max cavalera when his son was in an accident and he needed to get home in a hurry.

Do you think sharon and ozzy would help Chi Cheng ? I wish i could just ring them up and ask, 'hi sharon, can we borrow your plane to help the sweetest musician ever ? "
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