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Re: Rob Halford on Blizzard of Ozz
That is sweet

Thanx how ya been.
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What are you listening to now?!
Can't believe this fuckin thing is still going

Mr. Crowley

well you know who
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What is your very next show
Spending September 11,2010 with KISS will be great
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Ticket Upgrade?
all else fails John you can check at the venue the day of the show usually
can buy an upgraded ticket
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I have BATS in my back yard...
Mantooth wrote:
My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait 'till mom finds out, buddy.

You wouldnt dare..?......
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Mantooth wrote:
You mean I could have been praying to an alligator all this time?

With pickles please....

ohhh ohhh and extra fries mmmmm
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I have BATS in my back yard...
Leave them there they will take care of mesquitos for ya.
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A_C wrote:
0v3Rt3hM0unTa1n wrote:
i pay enouf for inner net as it is thank you and the price keeps going up. why should we pay when we can just have wiz install a registration captcha. (havent seen too many spambots lately). dont matter to me though. just as long as people dont act stupid
I hear you when it comes to paying to be part of this place. I truly believe that the only real chance it has to survive in today's internet world with the explosive popularity of places like Facebook (and there are more like it around) is to go with the networking format. Only this time it should be built using the input of members. Doesn't mean that it needs to be built with everyone's ideas added into it, but they should at least pick the brains of  the membership and then take the best suggestions into consideration. Hell, just think of how far this place could go  using a Facebook type model, but directing their efforts towards the Metal community. Leave out all these jack-offs wanting to use it like facebook does. It should be directed at  the music industry and  the only  businesses allowed to have accounts would have to be music (Hard Rock & Metal only) related. I've got some awesome ideals  and I'm sure that some people have even better ones than I do. They could really benifit from input.

Here Here  Brotha..............
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Re: At least 18 killed in festival stampede
Very sad. They should have looked out for each other.
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Whats your Ringtone?
Ohh and to answer the question

I hate cell phones but have Crazy Train on my wifes phone but she wants the kill bill whistle
but I cant figure out where to find it or how to make it. Any ideas?
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Whats your Ringtone?
highrise wrote:
zfw wrote:

hey buddy! thats no ring tone!

Yes it is...

Only wisemen can hear it.

[move] Can't you hear it  [/move]
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Sad indeed...

ahhh the good ole days

Yea A_c I wish we could turn the clock back Ozzy does deserve better
but without a full ozzfest its kinda hard even though some of us are not
here just for ozzfest.............
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Welcome Cigarette Smokers
Catzzz wrote:
when i die the second thing umm gonna do in the afterlife is smoke a cig

Yea and then trust me someone will walk by and tell you " those things'll make you live "
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Hell yea. I will be all over that. Great great great news
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Slipknot bassist died of "accidental" overdose
So, that is what an accident is.
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