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Set Lists For Devore, CA
Fuck yeah, excited for Motley Crue, 6th time seeing em. How did Ozzy sound live? 2007 he was shit. And if anyone has the Nonpoint setlist, I would appreciate it.
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Re: OzzFest show in Devore,CA (San Bernardino) 08/14/2010
Aw, that little comment on No Point was pretty cute. By the way, Nonpoint, and I dont know, I think they are pretty damn deserving of the spot. Do you even know anything of the band?
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Nonpoint w/ Rising Up Angry, Beauty To The Moon, and Venejer
Nonpoint w/ Rising Up Angry, Beauty To The Moon, and Venejer

Ok well i get there about 3:40, doors open at 7, I always arrive early at GA shows. So doors open and go in, 7:30
Venejer come on. Having seen these guys two months earlier at the Culture Room I liked their show and sound. Band is real energetic play some good songs and get the crowd ready.

Beauty To The Moon: Seen this band 4 times, including this one. Band is so funny when on stage, they take every minute they have on stage and use it as much as they can. Joke with the fans, toss a bottle of Jack Daniels out into the crowd, everybody takes a sip, band gets it back. Lead singer has a real good amount of energy, gets in the crowd and lets them sing.

Rising Up Angry: Not a real good band for a Nonpoint show. Maybe for Trivium or Slayer to open. Not real talkative, play mostly and barely talk. So they get off and there is really no space in the venue, from my eye at least.

Nonpoint: Im traveling to Chicago for OZZfest to see these guys mainly. This show reminds me why. Being in a small venue and just watching a crowd lose it when a home band who hit it big comes home, they sure do support that band. Nonpoint comes out with the beginning guitar to Shadow, the first track off of Miracle. From that moment, its Nonpoints house. Crack out tunes from Recoil, To The Pain, Miracle, Development, Statement, and my favroite Vengeance. This band is just energetic every moment, even the acoustic songs get you losing your mind. They played also 5 Minutes Alone cover which is fucking kick ass. Anyone who judges Nonpoint as terrible or anything, you must have not seen their live show, because hands down, my favorite band to see live. And thats seeing Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Chimaira, Megadeth, Heaven and Hell (R.I.P. Dio.) So its definitely not because a lack of bands ive seen. These guys just have a dominant presence on stage and I cant wait to see these guys again on mainstage at OZZfest.
Nonpoint setlist:
What A Day
Side With The Guns
The Truth
The Wreckoning
Alive And Kicking
Past It All
Your Signs
Hands Off
Lucky #13
Dead Soul
5 Minutes Alone
Bullet With A Name
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What are you listening to now?!
Nonpoint - Dangerous Waters
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What is your very next show
Nonpoint at Revolution. GBH at Culture Room. Dharmata at Inner Circle. Scorpions & Ratt at Bayfront Park Ampitheatre. Warped Tour at Cruzan Ampitheatre. Mayhem Fest at Cruzan Ampitheatre. Ozzfest at Tinley Park
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Go cry to your mom if ya dont like Ozzfest!!
So your trying to prove these people are boring little losers yet YOU are the adult who keeps complaining about em. Are you in any way seeing how little of a life you have?

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I'm getting some new ink tonight!
TheNotoriousJaz wrote:
The phrase "As wolves among sheep we have wandered" in between maltese crosses.

It may be among, or amongst. I have yet to decide.

Sweet. With crosses, to me 'amongst' sounds better. But thats my opinion. Should be a sweet tat.
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I'm getting some new ink tonight!
What ya getting?
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your summer concert calender
5/16 : Cannibal Corpse
5/19 : Nonpoint
6/5 : GBH
6/10 : Lynyrd Skynyrd
7/16 : Scorpions
7/21 : Carnival Of Madness
7/24 : Warped Tour
7/26 : Summer Slaughter
8/11 : Mayhem Festival
8/17 : Ozzfest
9/4 : Rockstar Uproar
10/2 : Rush
11/24 : Nile
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Go cry to your mom if ya dont like Ozzfest!!
Looks like this thread needs some more tissues.
Thats ok kids,let it all out.Crying is good for some people.Sharon gave you the Asshurt!!
Hail to the Queen!Hahahahahahaha!

OZZFEST or bust motherfuckers!Get some!

Dude, your taunting teenagers meanwhile your the adult. Good job showing your maturity. Please grow up. Also, what the hell you gunna taunt me about? Considering im flying from Florida to IL for this show. Tease me about something like you have everyone else. Child.
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Go cry to your mom if ya dont like Ozzfest!!
Wow, congrats, mainly all of you either just seem like immature children, or seem like you have no idea what your talking about. Gayhem? Classy. Cry to your mom? Bro, grow the fuck up, cmon. Ya know, i have been on both Mayhem and Ozzfest boards since they started, and I mean honestly, the Ozzfest people complain more. Im going to both, im excited to see Ozzy again, Zombie, Crue again, Halford again, Lamb Of God again, Nonpoint again. But I dont come on here and just taunt people for disliking the lineup like the ADULT who is MiddleFinger but is too busy acting like a child. So really? Maybe, i dont know, cut out the immature bs and either 1. Travel, like im doing. 2. Shut up about it or 3. Go away. Really, its too stupid to waste your time at each others throats trying to prove who is the better festival.
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Tinley Park
Hell yeah, flying up from Florida for this show. Ozzy, Crue, Nonpoint, Halford! Fuck yeah.
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your summer concert calender
hvymtlmom wrote:
Ozzfest would have been nice but since the nearest one is 998 miles away, I'm spending my time & $ on these instead 

CannibalCorpse/Skeletonwitch-St. Pete
Cannibal Corpse/Skeletonwitch-Ft. Lauderdale
Kult Ov Azazel/Masticator-Ft. Lauderdale
Goatwhore/Threat Signal-Tampa
Summer Slaughter-Ft. Lauderdale
Ted Nugent-Ft. Lauderdale (maybe)
Soilwork/Death Angel-Orlando
Mayhem Festival-Tampa
Mayhem Festival-West Palm Beach
Overkill/Evile-Ft. Lauderdale
Nile/Ex Deo-Ft. Lauderdale

Are you going to  Nonpoint?
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What are you listening to now?!
U.S.A. - The Exploited
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