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First time in Ozzfest doubt
The lawn general admission " section " ticket, does NOT allow MAIN STAGE PIT access,....
It does however,.. allow access to all other stages front  " pit " areas,.....they are considered first come first serve general admission spaces, and you CAN get up front on those second stages if you are there first.
BUT ONLY the secondary stages,...not the main stage pit.
That sounds like the ticket you have described....if you want main pit, go onto STUB-HUB online...you can get MAIN STAGE  GA PIT AREA tickets there.
It allows you into that space in front, and ONLY if you have a ticket that says: 'GA MAIN STAGE PIT' CURRENT PRICE IN USD approx. $489-$604 dollars. IF you paid 30 bucks,...Your ticket wont get you in the GA PIT. Lo Ciento bro...

To get into the main stage pit you need a specially designated ticket for that very limited sized area.
Once you get into the main stage reserved pit or reserved seating area,(should you purchase a ticket for that)
you will notice a fenced in area RIGHT UP IN FRONT by the main stage. THAT is closer than front row reserved seating,...thats why it needs a special ticket,....its CLOSE. When you arrive at the venue,..your friendly LIVE NATION STAFF  will be sure to assist you. Should you try to sneak in or attempt in any way to be in a place you dont have a ticket for,....trust me, you will know soon enough. When you get there ask the fans,...Ozzfest people are generally really decent folk who will give you the info you need.
From what I can tell,...your ticket,as described, WILL NOT get you into where you want to be.

BUENO SUERTE my friend.... HEY!! You are lucky to go at all.....you WILL have fun. Be careful,....+get some pix!
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First time in Ozzfest doubt
You can find the exact answer to that question by checking out the LIVE NATION ticket sales website,...I`m quite sure you can navigate your way around it on a seating map for your event date and location.
The computer you are using needs "adobe 10" to view those seating maps though.
If you dont have that,..it will offer to let you download it.

The answer generally speaking to the PIT at Ozzfest and many venues that I have seen are as follows.
For designated seating (reserved) you need a ticket for that. 
In Front of the designated seating on main stage only is a PIT.
That PIT needs a ticket designated for it,,,which is general admission (GA) to enter the pit.
(otherwise everybody would try to pack in there, and that would be bad)
Lawn tickets,..sit anywhere on the lawn. 
The OTHER non-main stages at Ozzfest require only a ticket to enter the venue,...all are GA and pretty much ALL have MOSH PITS that may pop-up ANYWHERE.
The GA format at the secondary stages is PIT-style attendance, standing room only.
Go in early, watch your back,...and have fun.
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Anyone going to the NYC Show on 12/1 ?
Its down to the last few shows....this fall will truly be the end...there are some meet n greets available around the country,...Hollywood Bowl had a few left. Wow,...what a ride.
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FIRSTOZZYFAN ,.....reporting for tactical Ozz-Operations!! Whats up Ozzfans?
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Ozzfest Returns to The U.S.!!
Recently saw DISTURBED,.....what a great performance. It was remarkable,...and in my opinion, they are quite worthy to appear in support of my beloved BLACK SABBATH.  Flawlessly executed show,...Draiman sang us through the entire nineties capturing the essence of it with memorable top hits done his way, in his voice.

That,after a full OZZFEST, then topped off with BLACK SABBATH,.....you should be so lucky to see it.

After so many times, so many shows,so many years, such a long journey with these guys as my all time favorite band,....its so far away in many ways for me to be at this specific venue,....but the venue of my memory  is what in the end,... I would ever have anyway. Thank You BLACK SABBATH .....The beast arose and came along strong, played for the core of many lifetimes in all its forms,....and even more honed, elite, and powerful,... the masters ended it with grace and at the moment of their choice.
Fucking Legendary
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(Blammmoooo!!! FOF kicks the doors to this preposterous topic off the hinges,...enters,...looks around)

GIT THE HELLL OUTTA HERE! ! ! !  Theres no ending of OZZFEST! ! ! !  I recall no such official announcement.

Not to mention substantial obligations which include an OZZFEST in Japan,..and the Full Scale Production and Touring Support of a BLACK FUCKING SABBATH ALBUM! ! ! !,....that may,..possibly ,..could have had a small impact on the wherewithall of various KEY PERSONNEL which would have been instrumental in pulling off an Ozzfest.
I think the guys name is,.....ummmm, bear with me,...its coming to me,...I KNOW THIS! ! !,....shit!! Oh,..wait!!

OZZY!!! thats it my Ozzpals,...O Z Z Y is coming in a few weeks to Brooklyn NY and then finishing a LEG of the Black Sabbath 13 tour with some people he knows, Some Guy by the name of IOMMI and a dude named GEEZER.
Yeah,....thats it.
Personally my interpretation is that Ozzfest will go on and MAYBE it will have Black Sabbath,...but Ozzy for sure.
(mainstage) Sabbath would love the second stage,....it would be historical for damn sure. Imagine,...if you will.
End of Ozzfest??? I saw no signs, no good byes,...no tears in eyes,..Its NOT over until Ozzy says its so.
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Sabbath tickets
Looking to go to the Brooklyn NY show,....march 31st 2014. Where the HELL have the last 44 years gone!!
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Happy Birthday Ozzy!!
John Michael Osbourne,....our beloved Ozzy,..rockstar, rockgod, ionic music maker of eternity, aka the prince of darkness,...(and whatever you Ozzfans call him,.. I call him Ozzman)...

All these years of untold happiness and unbound joy you`ve given to so many we thank you,love you and wish you a Happy Birthday! As our lives take so many odd twists and turns for better and worse you have been there as something good,... a gift you gave all when today we should be giving you a gift.
All I can give is my admiration and awestruck starstruck glazed eye amazement to honor you as someone special in this world. 
Happiest of all days to you my brother! and many healthy more...
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I`m with you brother! In spirit,... but I`m with you on that.....
That is one fook offa line-up...
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Ozzfest Japan 2013
Piggy wrote:
I'm glad to see Ozzfest having another run, even though it's not in the US.

I second that with echo and lotsa volume......
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Happy Birthday Ozzy.....
Happy Birthday to my favorite metal maniac and all around amazing guy.....OZZY!!!

You give us all the gift of your way and words for so long without asking anything except for us to join you on this lifelong journey of madness,.....Thanks for it all Oz...Happy Birthday,...and many many many more.
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THINK GLOBALLY... ACT LOCO-LY : New Ozzfest Updated Preplist
So theres an announcement on a May 2013 Ozzfest and its like an abandoned village in here...  

Anyway heres a handy guide the Ozzfest goers will be well served by bringing along.

This includes the common standard items for domestic Ozzfest events plus some new ones,...
(feel free to add some,...its all in good spirit)

Sunblocker (if TSA will let you)

Water (if TSA will let you)


Rosetta Stone ( Japanese version)


Several hundred thousand Yen (your G.I. Joe greenbacks are nearly worthless in Japan)


Bamboo Mat,... if you got Rice Paddy seats

Chuck Norris`s cell phone # in case you go MIA

Well ,...thats enough of my inappropriate brilliance for now..... 

But I have to say this is AMAZINGLY GREAT NEWS!!! OZZFEST 2013 LIVES!!!!!!!  

And yes,... I miss all my Ozzzpals.


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How many of ya'll will stay here FOREVER
me..... or until they shut it down...
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[move]THIS        JUST      IN:        OSAMA    BEEN    LADEN    STILL    DEAD          That is all[/move]
  Yup....still dead....life is good here.....Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmm
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GET SOME!!! Beeyatches.....
Cuz there aint no FEST....

No surprise there but if you didnt see Ozzy on the tour its your own damn fault!
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