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today is my grandpa's birthday.
too bad he's dead.
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Geezer Butler talks about a final Black Sabbath Reunion Tour
if there is a sabbath reunion, those tickets are going to be extremely expensive. but well worth it.
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Hey what did I miss the last.....oh 2 years maybe?
i remember you. you don't remember me.
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if you haven't heard of them, check them out. finally a decent modern hard rock band.
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Re: Strange Wilderness
hated that movie.
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Drug Driving is Bad!
MsCeeAngel wrote:
I agree! Wether it's drinking, drugs, being tired... whatever... there's no excuse 2 drive if your impaired! Or face the consequences of the law! ;p

i fought the law and i won.
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wherez ACE and the other guy??..
yall make me want to die.
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Got a Fav Snack food?
i'm baked right now and everything sounds so good. i think i'll make some pasta though. with meat ballz of course.
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Re: Newbie
this is fuckin gay as hell.
fail post.
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Drug Driving is Bad!
i drive high all the time. i didn't think it was that serious.
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Remembering 9/11..... What were you doin that day when ya heard bout it?
i was in elementary school with a cap gun, convincing my friends it was real.
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Watch any movies lately?
smiley face was the best movie i've seen in awhile.
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New Ozzy Tat
cool. where is your tat at?
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VIP Package stuff...
i did. but then i smoked it all.
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you say you have the answers
there are no lemons in the garden.
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