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Gnomez wrote:

Pot & Pk's
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Gnomez you know your jealous. Just admit it!

AVG: Ive been in and out of the studio, shooting some footage here and there, school & work. Drugs and whatever else I can find to occupy my mind. :T
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Just sayin'
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down at the Ozzfest Corner Tap
It will be a month in 4 days that nobody has been in the tap?!!?

This seems to always happen here... people come back to the dusty hellish safe haven get fucked up pick a fight show some boobs and then abandoned until I return to find nothing but the remnants of party time.

*Walks into tap back to usual spot in back (which I mysteriously never left in the first place)*
*sits & waits eagerly*
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more sad news
Damn I didnt even hear about this...
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Re: I'm Back!
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Re: picked up a few new goodies
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Lets do some thing fun.
Come up with 3 different lists. Each must contain only 5 bands And the subject of these lists are.
1. Bands that have never played OZZFEST but should have a long time ago.
2. Bands that have only done OZZFEST once or twice that should do it 1 more time.
3. Bands that are not quite metal but you wouldn't mind them playing on OZZFEST.
And if they did OZZFEST over seas then that counts as taking part of the show. Use the history page as a referance.

Ready? Go!

Bands that Should have Done it.
1. Rammstein
2. Alice Cooper
3. Zimmers Hole
4. Boxing Dei Dei
5. Deep Purple

Bands should do it 1 more time.
1. In this Moment
2. Primus
3. Marilyn Manson
4. Wicked Wisdom
5. Judas Priest

Not Quite Metal but would like to see them
1. Them Crooked Vultures
2. Skunk Anansie
4. Queens of the Stoneage (again)
5. Moi Dix Mois
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AlpineValleyGirl wrote:
got to see it this am, check out your youtube page, my sister sent you a message!

btw;  she's in love with you.  er, I mean your band.

Well thanks!
Were recording a ton of stuff right now including a slew of acoustic and full band covers and all of our originals for our album.
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Should I sue the school I currently attend?
Good luck bra!
Dont let the establishment bring you down.
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So has anyone official even confirmed that Ozzfest 2012 is still happening?
I wouldnt get my hopes up for anything spectacular.
My bet is that if Ozzfest does happen this year it will be a repeat format of 2010 or another destination festival.
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