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Calling out Ask_Doc_Spock...EPIC!
AlpineValleyGirl wrote:
it was just a suggestion
no need to get your panties in a bunch
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Re: Haiduk - Spellbook
hmmm. . . .  the cover looks almost exactly like the new Rush album.
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Re: An Inside Look At Black Sabbath in the Studio
totally fricken jealous.  have a super time!   
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Re: Golden God Awards
awesome!  just voted!  thanks for posting the link.
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Holy FUCK. I haven't been on here in forever.. WHERE IS EVERYONE I KNEW !?!?
oops, sorry mini, didn't see yu down there 
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Holy FUCK. I haven't been on here in forever.. WHERE IS EVERYONE I KNEW !?!?
it's a ghost town here, dk.  until we get some real news, it's quiet.
a few have checked in recently;  loki, crazy, gnomez . . .
many have migrated to metaluprising.com if you wanna check over there

stoned catz is still stoned, and the cazt of characters has gotten strange . .

happy new years.  hope our future holds many appearances by Black Sabbath
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Rigor Mortis guitarist died on stage
wow, he was only six weeks older than me. . .
we met him years ago thru friends of friends
and didn't know 'who he was' for a long time.
he thought that was cool, that we just hung out
without all the star struck shit he got all the time.
he laughed his ass off at us when we finally found out

its a sad day at Liar's Club tonight.  RIP Mike 
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Ozzfest Japan 2013
I will get a bagel head for a weekend date at Alpine Valley

August 17th or 24th, 2013
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Ozzfest Japan 2013
is the NZ date an Ozzfest?  do you get two stages or the Village of the Damned
or the FYE booths or the carnival rides?

oh yeah . . .


I've always wanted carnival rides at Ozzfest
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THINK GLOBALLY... ACT LOCO-LY : New Ozzfest Updated Preplist
got no passport, got no yen
and I just heard "there are no plans of Bill Ward participating in any future shows"

*pulls covers back over her head*
wake me up when tix go on sale at Alpine Valley

but its good to see ya, FoF!  glad to see Sandy didn't get you.
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what is up?
Da Wiz!  didn't see you there in the spam aisle!  how's the new romance?
what did YOU do on your summer vacation?

I'm wondering if the Ozzy N' Friends thing is still happening.
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Ijust got back !!!
things have been really dead here in the last few months - glad you are back!  we were worried about you!

awesome pix.  glad to see you've been keeping up on the concerts.  only show I've gotten to see lately was Sabbath at Lollapalooza.  pix came out kinda crappy but we got all the way up to the rail!
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Black Sabbath to play Lollapalooza
sorry it took a day to get to this.  we're still going thru the pix and I hope to post a few good ones.  we took a lot and some came out ok.  we only got half videos of sweetleaf and iron man, one stopped for getting doused and having to hide the camera and the next for running out of memory.

after all the back n forth about Bill Ward and how much I hate Lollapalooza, we weighed the positives vs the negatives and just had to go.  the last time we turned down Heaven and Hell playing just a mile south of there months before Dio died was the clincher.  we could not miss this show.  we paid too much for two wristbands from a guy named Chris on Craiglist.  we kinda sweated that they were real until we got in.

we took the train and got down there around 5.  we stopped and sat in front of the Art Institute and watched a young hispanic couple having really obvious public sex in a little garden area next the the front entrance.  we considered videoing it but we didn't want to use up our camera memory.

we got up to the front gate, was searched (we brought in exactly what their website allowed - a non-professional camera, binoculars, a blanket, two 1 liter bottles of water, sunscreen {coulda gotten a lot of other things in too but we didn't bother}) and made our way to the merch booth to get Gnomez his shirts.  we got a couple, too, not too expensive and really nice quality.   we got a couple of pulled pork sammiches w/ fries ($ and wandered around for a couple hours, met a bunch of friends having the Oh My God You're Here Too! conversation.  we didn't bother drinking - we've been staying sober at concerts recently, mainly because paying $6 for a can of warm bud light is not . . . it's just . . no.  

we moved up to the stage area and layed out our blanket and waited for the show to start while the crowd gathered.  glad/sad to say it was not as packed as it could have been.  the crowd was predominantly younger than we're used to and I think the band was older than they were used to.  the die-hards were there in force.
it made it easier for us to get up to the front rail, right in front of the sign language interpreter.  we now know how to sign, "I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU!"  we know some sign and it was cool learning to sign Sabbath.

their setlist was killer and you've seen that and the youtubes already.  now, the real review.   as much as this was a destination show for us, alright a ten mile destination, this was not the best Sabbath we've seen.  they we're understandably off.  Ozzy's voice was crackling here and there and the timing got thrown off more than a few times, but with swift recovery.  I didn't give a damn.  I was 40 feet from Sabbath!  and damned happy to be there!  a mosh pit broke out right behind us and we became the barrier.  we watched the full sturgeon moon rise over the lake during Tomorrow's Dream while fireworks were going off at the south end of the fest over The Black Keys, who "headlined" the fest.  cough, cough, ehhhrr.

after the show we were shuffled out of the park and we found a place to hang out on Monroe and watched the sea of humanity pour out.  we stood there for an hour before we got back on the train to got home, and it didn't stop.  on Saturday there was a weather emergency, evacuating the park.  being there the day before, I could not imagine getting everyone out and into the parking garages for safety.  the storms were pretty intense and I think what they did was a good idea.

my feet don't hate me as much as they did yesterday.  we are so happy that we made the right decision to go.
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R.I.P. John Lord
wow.  truly sad news.  went over to his website, found he has been battling cancer since last August.  making it to 71 in the rock world is phenomenal.  gotta go find a recording of Child In Time and cry a little. 

one of my favorite memories is seeing Deep Purple at Alpine 2nd Row for the Perfect Strangers tour, standing right in front of Jon Lord.  he had a huge hammond organ on a big pivot hinge and he swung that thing back and forth while he played, we were scared to death it was going to fall right off the stage and land on top of us.
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Word Associaition Thread
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