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12/3 NJ IZOD Center Show
Don't recall it being all that bad!
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Ozzy & Friends
No matter my feelings on the Bill Ward situation & Tony's health, I would go see "Ozzy & friends".

If this shit comes to the states, why not call it, oh hell I don't now...Ozzfest 2012?
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12/3 NJ IZOD Center Show
I thought the first couple of songs his voice wasn't with him totally, but after he got the pipes warmed up he sounded great.

I' be interested in a copy of that show!
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12/3 NJ IZOD Center Show
My thoughts from one hell of a show...

Well, I had the pleasure of seeing Ozzy twice this year.  Once at Ozzfest, then on 12/3 in NJ at the IZOD Center (which I will forever call the Contential Airlines Arena).  I did not realize until the day of the show, that it was Ozzy's birthday day.  This kicked my already geared up ass into another. 

G & my "Sissypants" were along this time.  G was gracious enough to not only drive, but to allow us to use the Prius.  Thanks G!

We had pretty decent seats, although they were not what I was expecting.  The opening act was Halford.  No disrespect intended, but seeing him at Ozzfest was enough.  The second time around didn't really float my boat, although some lads in front of us & to the right were rather enjoying his set.

To me, any Ozzy show is a good show.  I have seen the man in concert 19 times now dating back to 1996.  Ozzfest this year & this show have been the two best shows in recent memory.  I managed to see one I've never seen live before in Killer of Giants.  This is an amazing song live & I'm thankful I had the chance to see it.  Why, for all those years with Zakk they never played anything from "The Ultimate Sin" album is beyond me.  Other highlights in my eyes were:  Faries Wear Boots, Into the Void, NIB, No More Tears.  You just don't hear his solo band play this shit every show!  The set list in no particular order:

War Pigs
Iron Man
Fairies Wear Boots
Into the Void
Rat Salad (Band Jam)
I Don't Know
Mr. Crowley
Suicide Solution
Crazy Train
Bark at the Moon
Killer of Giants (This was a first for me)
Shot in the Dark
Fire in the Sky
I Don't Want to Change the World
Mama I'm coming Home
Road to Nowhere
No More Tears

20 fucking great Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath songs performed on the man's 62nd birthday.  There was a point in the show wear they stopped the show & some folks from behind the curtain came out with a cake and we ALL sang Happy Birthday. As I said, I have been to 19 concerts, once on a birthday.  This show, will be with me for a very long time.

Until next year, thanks Ozzy!
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Cameras allowed?
I took mine into the Pitt show without issue.
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First off, I have made the trek to Ozzfest every year since it started way back in 1996.  I was quite happy to see it return this year, let alone return to Pitt.  It felt like coming home being back there...

Unlike years past, I was not there bright and early with bells on.  Honestly, most of the bands on the second stage I was unfamiliar with so I did not feel overwhelmed to get there early.

We (my wife & I) got there with enough time to see BLS, who were kicking some ass.  We would have been there about an hour sooner, but fucking the traffic & construction was insane there for awhile.

I was pretty underwhelmed with the main stage until the Crue took it.  I am not a fan.  I found however, just like in years past with bands like Judas Priest, Slayer, Lamb of God, etc, I really enjoyed the show.  I tip my hat to the Crue.

Now seeing Ozzy at least once a year since 1996 (except for '09 of course) I have seen him do very well, and I have seen him do very poorly.  I can say honestly as an Ozzy fan or not, Ozzy was right on the money last night.  I can not remember the last time I saw him & heard him perform so well.  The set was amazing.  I don't know about you out there, but I for one was happy not to hear "Mama I'm coming home".  I' take "Into the Void" everytime...

Parting words about Gus G.

If I were one of Ozzy's former guitar players and I was at that show, I would say, that new kid just played that as I would have & played the fuck out of it.  Say what you will but I for one, am happy that he's aboard.

Parting words on the 9 year old being at the show:

What a surprise!  That little bastard sure can play.  I like the classic Randy Rhodes pose Ozzy did by picking the kid up.

Last thoughts:

Please, let me see you next year Ozzfest at Pittsburgh.

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Jesus let me rack my Brain.

Retirement sucks tour (A very young band by the name of Korn opened) '96 in Hersey PA (First time seeing Ozzy...hell first concert ever)
Ozzfest 96-08 (Bet your ass I'll be in Pittsburgh in '
Merry Mahem 2001 in New Jersey
Black Sabbath on the reunion tour in Hersey PA (Went on a "concert bus" sponsered by our local rock station.  What a adventrue that turned out to be.  Maybe I'll share that story some day..."

So you count those up boys & girls that makes 16 times in 14 years.  17 if you count my 8/19 of this year. 

The one year I went to Ozzfest by myself because I wasn't going to miss it!  What a fantasticlly high time I had that day!
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