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Blizzard of Ozz/ Diary of a Madman special collector's box coming May 31st!!
Wish the price weren't so steep. It's a bit expensive. Ya ya I am the diehard fan and love the thought of all the rarities inside. But damn. I am also supporting my kids on one income. In this economy, yikes.
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My ideal Ozzfest 2011

*** Obviously the real question of the hour is whether Sharon can be bothered to manage her husbands music career anymore. She put NOTHING into the festival last year and it showed. If I were Ozzy I' be looking into getting a new manager.

Fuck Sharon.

ps> She is so fucking idiotic. I hope Ozzy makes her fucking eat shit for saying what she said in Extreme and in the press about "affair" recently. I'm sure Ozzy was asserting independence from her and she had to snap the fucking rubber band of his insecurities. I have NO IDEA why Ozzy would be jealous of that woman who is UGLY INSIDE to the core AT ALL. Jesus...the woman is about as attractive as a fucking dyke. She has him so fricking brainwashed thinking he' die without her - I cannot even BELIEVE it. Stockholm Syndrome BIG TIME.

Ozzy's getting old enough now that with the advent of AIDS drugs he could fuck his brains out on the thousands of women who' jump at the chance and live his life out just fine. So he' not have to worry if the old fucking leather hag doesn't want to play "hide the fucking sausage" or whatever he calls it. I'm not talking whores, but lovely, clean, beautiful, healthy, GOOD women.

Fuck that old hagbag.

~Thank you. Good night. Elvis has left the building.
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My ideal Ozzfest 2011
Concerts like these work, it was packed. According to Wikipedia,

"The official attendance was 40,000 for both days (32,000 in ."

That's alot of people.

IMHO, fuck the death metal shit. I know a HUGE number of people who were completely turned off by the lineup last year. Many thought it was the worst lineup they' ever heard of for a big concert. As in FLUSH!!! I couldn't even give away the $10 tickets.

THAT my friends, though it might upset you in your personal preferences, IS THE GOD HONEST TRUTH. If Ozzy has the bands you are discussing here, you'll likely be with a couple hundred others and Blasko looking abashed in a huge venue. NOBODY will come.

Blasko needs to stop managing who comes to the festival. His choices (mainly obvious since most of the bands were either Mercenary Management bands OR had played concerts with them) SUCKED.

In CA, walking around, a BUNCH of people were saying how the bands sucked. They were horrible! They responded to Drowning Pool, Black Label Society, Nonpoint, so-so to Halford, Motley Crue, and Ozzy.

The only thing that redeemed the festival for everyone I talked to WAS OZZY. He just put on one hell of a show. Everyone was buzzing over it, even my son who used to roll his eyes at me when I played his music. He was very impressed.

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Re: OZZY To Sign Large Gibson GuitarTown Guitar Outside HOB Sunset on Monday!
That's awesome. I'm so proud of Ozzy.

i think it's very cool that the goofball with the dimples is being honored like he is. it's about time. he has talent up the wazoo.

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Geezer Butler talks about a final Black Sabbath Reunion Tour
I am hoping to hear a new album with Blasko, Gus G, Tommy C, Adam, and Ozzy from scratch under a different producer. No more Churko. I think that would be stellar. Much of the Scream album was done already when the guys were asked on board. I love Scream, it rocks, big time and is a huge hit world-wide, Churko and Ozzy are obviously a great pair. However, I am tired of the over-polished sound Churko brings to Ozzy's music. On a side note: are they "promoting" the album on the 'Scream' tour? No. Just "Let Me Hear You Scream," for some reason. Weird!

A serious question raised in my head that I want answered is - do they (Blasko, Clufetos, Wakeman, Karamitroudis) have what it takes to usher in a platinum album for fans? I want to see if they've got what it takes.

The way I see it is there is so much bad-mouthing. putdowns, and politics going on between Geezer, Iommi and Ozzy, how can anything worthwhile for Ozzy fans come out of it?

I want to see NEW Ozzy stuff. No offense to my all time favorite band of all time. Would another tour highlighting 1970's music really allow Ozzy to be who he is today, never mind the others in the band? Before that could be viable, I' think they need new material. Something worthy of their dark, pre-1975 style.
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Are you sure that Randy's family are going to allow the world to hear this new stuff?
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Gibson Amphitheatre in LA
yea. but he's topping 2.5 hours. blasko posted the setlist Tue 11/23 in CAN as this:

Set list from last night if you are interested:
1. Bark at the Moon
2. Let Me Hear You Scream
3. Mr Crowley
4. I Don't Know
5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. Suicide Solution
7. Road to Nowhere
8. War Pigs
9. Fire in the Sky
10. Shot in the Dark
11. Rat Salad
12. Iron Man
13. Killer of Giants
14. NIB
15. I Don't Wanna Change the World
16. Crazy Train
17. Mama, I'm Coming Home
18. Into the Void
19. Flying High Again
20. Paranoid
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I've got my tickets for Comerica in Phx and Gibson in Hollywood. Two intimate dates with Ozzy and Slash, I think I can handle that! 
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Life at the barrier rail
when it is GA the rail is the best. i can't afford Pitt tickets usually. i wove my way up when Metallica came here to AZ to the front row, saying how much i loved them and that i' only stick around for a couple songs. and was true to my word. most of the people 7 rows forward were guys. i thought that was awesome.
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Gibson Amphitheatre in LA
Me! I have 3rd row Orch 7. I am gonna have to figure out how I'm getting there still, ha ha...but I wanted to see Ozzy there and in Phoenix this year. Why not? I have a feeling it's gonna ROCK. Phx my daughter will be with me, she's 9. LA it's just me ~* I'm excited.
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Wreckage of My Past Release Date?
There's been talk about something Jack is directing (which I thought was Wreckage but he calls it something else in an article), and there has been some talk about Wreckage and another director, and there has been some talk about a movie based on the book 'I Am Ozzy.' Easy to see why anyone would be confused.

I hope they all (or it if it's one and the same) come to the theatre for sure. Freaking wouldn't it be awesome if they did it 3-D as in IMAX? That would be cool! In the end tho, there is nothing like watching stuff like that on demand too in the old DVD player. If it's good enough, it could be a favorite. I just really hope they hire someone worthy of him. Who can pull off his charisma. That's 99% of Ozzy. Not sounding like him, or being made to look like him. I've never seen anyone able to inspire such love and devotion in fans, male and female alike. Ya know?

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Re: 30th Anniversary of Blizzard of Ozz release (20-Sep-80) UK

It was released in the UK on 20-Sep-80. It's when Ozzy's first released solo music hit the public. It doesn't matter that there was a US release too. That was secondary to the first moment his music hit reality.

Know what I mean?

I think it was worth mention. Cuz it's Ozzy!
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Get me into HALFORD.
So Slash says come January he'll be doing a show possibly part of a tour with Ozzy on the Guns-n-Roses website...and that leaves me wondering ... are they coming on board PLUS Halford ... or INSTEAD?

Maybe Wizz can shed some light on this?
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Remembering 9/11..... What were you doin that day when ya heard bout it?
MsCeeAngel wrote:
Yeah, if ya really cared it affected ya!

Sure did. All three of those things were horrible (. I cannot even imagine what the families and loved ones have lived through after those things. They are very traumatic events in our history. I can't believe anyone would even conceive of, never mind actually do any of those things. I have trouble wrapping my mind around them.
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Remembering 9/11..... What were you doin that day when ya heard bout it?
I was driving down the road to the gates of my work listening to the radio with a sense of unreality at what I was hearing. When I got inside my building I watched in a break area what was happening and couldn't believe my eyes. That day many people left and went home. I did not see any management until after lunchtime when things had for the most part stopped happening. Which was weird. Only 1 in like 8 even came in that day. I stayed. For what turned out to be around 4 days, half the time going home to sleep four hours and in the end napping at my desk. All I can say is this, I saw many men and women that day on bent knee hurting. Sharing their grief over other losses that got triggered with the trauma of that day. I saw some leave, but many stay. And those people stood up and took care of business in ways that would have made you proud.

What happened was unforgivable. Let us never forget 9/11 nor the innocent souls who died that day. God bless them all, and their families. And God Bless America.
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