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Suck My Dick
in the words of the immortal betty white:

"If I had a dick this is where i' tell you to suck it!" - Betty White in Lake Placid
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Hey Wizard_of_Ozz
hmmmm, you tricky son of a bitch, some how answering my questions without revealing anything LOL.  i'll guess i'll have to play detective and figure this bitch out myself.  let see........i dont see anywhere on the site where they use the words "Ozzfest 2011", you still have the Ozzfest 2010 logo in your signature.  and if i remember right in '09 they left the '08 bands up in the 'Bands' section EDIT: and there was no ozzfest in '09.  last year they took those bands down and put something like "2010 Bands Coming Soon!", and last years bands are still up......................what does all this mean?
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Hey Wizard_of_Ozz
by "pre-announcement" i meant when you start a new thread that says something like "Announcement Coming Monday".
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Hey Wizard_of_Ozz
i havent been here in a while, any updates on this years ozzfest?  did you make the usual pre-announcement of the actual announcement yet?  I know you're only allowed to announce things when they tell you to but are you at least allowed to say there will be an ozzfest this year?

let me ask it this way:

If there is an ozzfest this year would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question? 
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I doubt System Of A Down will do OZZFEST.
also, i think that there is a good possibility that System plays cause the only dates for their reunion tour i've see are a few west coast dates.  usually when bands do a reunion tour they do a big tour, so who knows.
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I doubt System Of A Down will do OZZFEST.
i say ozzfest should have all midget bands playing.  that' be the shit.  they' be tough to find though but.........if you book them, they will come.
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Gnomez wrote:

Fuck you tto BITCH, and fuck your shitty ass forum. You're just another faggot gay for an Internet forum.  
bet you've never even been to a single Ozzfest, but you spend all your time on this piece of shit site. Am I right?

Fuckin loser

Go back to your room, smoke some more crack, give your dad some head, surf the net and tell people how cool you are.....oh and get a life stud....pffftt
LO @ "stud"
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Announcement tonight?
i doubt it.  unless there was the usual "announcement of the official announcement to be posted soon", i havent been here in a while.
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Any one else have a feeling Ozzfest 2011 isn't happening?
if it happens its probably only gonna be 6 - 10 dates.  summer slaughter has announced their bands already and the mayhem fest tickets are onsale so i dont have high hopes for a full ozzfest tour this summer.
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what movie??
Skull And Crossbones wrote:
the answer to mine was Cherry Falls.

What movie?...

"Whats the difference between jam and jelly?"


"You can't jelly your dick up a dead girls ass."

the answer to this one was Halloween 2 (the remake)
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Re: Winds of Plague NEW keyboardist bears all TOO
Crazy_eyes wrote:
Skull And Crossbones wrote:
oh nevermind i found them.  the first 1 doesn't really look like her, the second one you can't tell, and the 3rd one barely looks like her cause i've only seen her with dark hair.  anyway i like winds of plague.

The 3rd one isn't her.  It's Emma Watson (Harry Potter movies).

oh, that site had "lets make up an interesting story to get more people to come to it" written all over it lol.
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woa wrote:
yeah that is pretty lame. Before the change, I had a number to start my username there, and it invalidated my account. I tried making 3 other new usernames and it wouldnt let me in.

yeah i had a problem too, my old ID had spaces in it and i couldn't get in when the new site came up.  i tried making a new ID too, but it didnt work.
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Jayman wrote:
Really?   It's mostly teenage douches that insult people and tell them to die when they don't like the bands they list on those boards.     

LOL thats how it was here too when this place wasn't so dead.  although a lot of the douches were in like their 20s, atleast from what i could tell lol.
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Re: superbowl picks
STEELERS!!!  I dont care who the "underdog" is, steelers have a better defense and they're offense is amazing.  They have the experience.  Ben doesn't get the praise he deserves.  10 - 2 playoff record, 2 - 0 in superbowls and hes only like 28 years old.  He threw for like 3,200+ yards this season and he missed the first 4 games.
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I tried to....
MsCeeAngel wrote:
Lol No Gnomez! HP... Harry Potter! As 4 .. Adler Troll... GNR was good back then! Dunno now! Sounds like a good time 2 me? And Alpine... yeah yeast goes bad! Luckily it effects the rise part. I cook and bake. So here's some info.. 2 see if yeast is still good... Heat up some warm water put a tablespoon or teaspoon of yeast in the warm water. If it changes and expands it's good. If stays the same throw it out! K? Good luck peeps! ~Angel ;p

What should you do if you have a yeast infection?
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