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Re: superbowl picks
When the boogie man goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for James Harrison.
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Re: superbowl picks
Crazy_eyes wrote:
All the guys from Sports Center are sayin' that those yankees are the under-dogs of Superbowl 45.  Packers are gonna do the same thing they did in Superbowl 29 (DOMINATE).

Super Bowl 29 was the San Diego Chargers vs the 49ers. Check your facts.

The Steelers are going to win. 24-20, Big Ben gets the MVP.
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long hair in metal
I usually shave my head. Then I get the bright idea to grow it out (which for some reason doesn't take me that long), and once it is long I get pissed with it and dread it. After having it dreaded for a few months I usually end up shaving my head again and the cycle continues.
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What was your very very very first concert?
Ozzy, Filter, and Prong on the Retirement Sucks Tour
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Kick Devildriver off the Tour!!!
Gibsonrox wrote:
Just saw Ozzfest in Pittsburgh, PA...and of course IT ROCKED!!!  Ozzy is the master and Motley Crue is just as timeless!   The ONLY blemish in the whole show was the gross disrespect that Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara (who?) paid to the real talent in the show.   When seemingly angered by the lack of response from the crowd when he asked who was familiar with Devildriver and who had seen them before....Dez announced that "the acts in the second half of the show are OLD AND DYING" and that the crowd better "wake the f*ck up" and get with the times".  WTF?  Talk about biting the hand that is feeding you!!  If i were Ozzy I would kick them off the tour immediately!  Ozzy and Crue have stood the test of time and are PROVEN masters of rock!  Dez should be thanking thme for allowing him to share the stage with his inferior talent.  Maybe I am getting carried away a bit over one comment...but I am a musician...(not on their caliber by any means)...and I have respect for the art and the icons that have so greatly influenced it.

I was at the show last night and Dez had nothing but respect for Ozzy and Motley Crue, even thanking them for including them in the tour.
To quote Dez, "I wouldn't even have a career with out Ozzy, and that is the truth."
I have no idea where you got that from.

and below is a pic i took during devildriver so you can see that i was close enough to hear him without the microphone.
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Here is one of my pics from Pittsburgh's Ozzfest.
Once I finish writing the review, I will post a link here with a shit ton more pictures to accompany it.
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Re: Live Streaming from Pittsburgh Ozzfest load in one hour from now!!
I would but I will be leaving to get there.
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Rock Band 3 Full Setlist finally leaked.
half of those songs were on guitar hero at some point or another
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How much were shirts?
dilutedpsycho wrote:
All shirts were 35 and up? I heard from someone on the mayhem forums who went that the second stage bands were 25. Is that wrong then?

All the bands shirts for the two small stages at Mayhem were $25.
The Main Stage was $35.

It beats the $50 people were expected to shell out at Maiden.
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I was thinking the same thing, that it must be a mistake.
I just got my press info on the show though and the set times are the same there.
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Re: Dez Fafara of DevilDriver talks Ozzfest, a new album, and life on the road
f_darkbladeus wrote:
elsuperbeasto wrote:
Nonpoint is on the mainstage, as well as DevilDriver.

Why the change? Not enough set time for the second stage? Too much time for the main stage?

No, DevilDriver was always on the mainstage. When I asked Dez about "...moving on up." I was talking about the other three times he played at Ozzfest with DevilDriver; all of which were on the second stage. Since the line up has been announced, DevilDriver has always been a mainstage band.
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Re: Dez Fafara of DevilDriver talks Ozzfest, a new album, and life on the road
f_darkbladeus wrote:
SantaBarbaraJohn wrote:
cool interview...thanks.

I had no idea they were moving to the main stage. Is this for all the concerts or just the one in CA? (darkblade wonders where she's been, she thought Nonpoint was on the main stage, with Halford, Crue, and Ozzy)

Nonpoint is on the mainstage, as well as DevilDriver.
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Goatwhore and Skeletonwitch
I am doing interviews with Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch and Halford in the next week? If you had the chance, what would you ask them?
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Whats your Ringtone?
I have "My Name is Mud" for texts and "Saddam A Go-Go" for calls
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Re: what are you afraid of?
I'm afraid that I will wait months upon months to get the Ozzfest lineup and they will put Motley Crue and Nonpoint on the Mainstage...uh, nevermind.
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