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stevenstrong wrote:
Tits or gtfo!!
Nah for realz, read teh fine printz

ten aye take y00z nipz fo maisaellf *gets out car charger ahnd clampz*
tis wheel onlaee hurtz a wittle! *TortureQueen looks on in ahmaze and appoval*
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Jubillie vs Dazzler
Jubilliez are fun maaan.. ah been to plentae!! 
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Full of Shit vs Full of Crap?
Diz hole site needs medz.. cause it t00kz ah dump yaerz ago! 
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Gen-X vs Gen-13 vs TEEN TIANS
mai baebae Starfiahz iz sew hawt.. Go TEEN TITANS Go!! 
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Angel and Spike or Kris Angel and Copperfield?
fukk y00z st00piz peapolez.. Kriss Angel iz sooooo dreameehz!! 
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Batman vs Wolverine
dunnna nunnna nunnna nunnna nunnna nunnna nunnna nunnna batman!! 
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Re: What do YOU think happened to Ozzspace?
MsCeeAngel wrote:
It went 2 $hit! Nuff said.

Hai dont y00 cut shit down like that. Diz nu 0zzyfest iz werze den evaaah!! 
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I am forgotten.
psycho_bitch wrote:
i remember you. now quit being an attention whore.

y00z fierst 
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aye postith here more!! 
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stevenstrong wrote:
TortureQUEEN, if u ever need me just look outside your window at 3am...and I'll be lurking n teh shadowz...again.

Move aside buttmunch ah wuz here first dillweed!! 
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Sup maaan. R ya new here or do ya remember meeee? 
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Re: \m/(><)\m/
OHHhhUMmMmMmHMmMmMm.. GeTSoMePuNkz.. 
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tattooz vs pierzengz
mai paenezz haz ova fiftaez ahnd mai ahzz haz sum t00wz 
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Sadian wrote:
hand job fer a ridez

yayy!! i am no longer a virgin.. uh wrong hole guy? :-[
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phill mongg....
*gets aluminum bat*
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