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Re: Have any of you guys heard this yet???
otay. we seriously agree. listen up. mellowe down. jump up. spin around.
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TortureQueen wrote:
kat is being boned by jesse james now

why not. everybody needs some loving sometimes.
somewhere is his furry heart it told him that sometime is now.
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Re: ozzy on jersey shore
love that snooki wookis pooki.
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Is Gnomez A Stalker?
Skull And Crossbones wrote:
Gnomez wrote:
But I like dedicating all my free time here hanging out with you guys who truely appreciate my humour

good call.  i have no life either, but im lookin' to get one lol.

for a spanking good time email.. johnathan glen ::smile
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what happens when?
Kola_Knut wrote:
what happens when you drink PEPSI-COLA?

you my fiend are stupid and need to go away.
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CHAOS! comics vs HYPERWERKS studios vs LONDON night
Guess i will go first on this one.

Vamperella, Witchblade and Dawn are my personal heroes.
I would love to be an immortal Vampyre or have mutating guantlet.
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CHAOS! comics vs HYPERWERKS studios vs LONDON night
Which character do you look up to as an idol, or which character
listed above do you have posters, staues or figures of and why?

*includes signatures, framed art, music, resin, PVC, diecast, etc.*
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Re: Devil Driver Interview By Crozzy & A_C
That was indeed a good interview by a very good reporter........outstanding kudos is in order
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