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Re: My friends I Declare War posted a new song
Really great band, just added them to my friends list, I hope they accept my request!
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Re: From Wrath To Ruin
Just asked you guys for friendship on myspace, please accept my request!
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Re: Melodic/Death/Black/Folk
You've opened for Amon Amarth, Into Eternity and Exmortus. Wow, you have accomplished quite a bit.
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ozzy summer sampler cd
eXile72 wrote:
paozzygrrll56 wrote:
yeah this is one of the issues i have, all the past fest have had plenty of free samplers to give out i think by roadrunner and jager. those venders wernt there this time that i could see. that clown game was a stupid carnie gimmick.  also why no program this yr? like i said in another thread i think they stripped this fest down in more ways then one. even tho i did have a ball in the pit.

Well I think the entire tour was thrown together in a hurry and expected it to sell out because everyone loves MC and Ozzy.

Not everyone loves Motley Crue!
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here kitty kitty kitty!
Mantooth wrote:
Unless I redeem myself, I will be reincarnated as a sea cucumber. Or worse, a land cucumber!

Once I saw Chris Pontius ejaculate a Sea Cucumber over his mangina, now that was funny as hell!!!!!
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gawddammit umm still fukkin hungryz
TortureQueen wrote:
i'm eating a lemon poppyseed muffin and drinking my coffee 

Can I eat your muffin and sip your coffee sweetie?
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