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Re: Loosers online vs. Pests
15 Guests, 7 Users (3 Hidden)
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I'm sick of people cloning Zaktar...
AlpineValleyGirl wrote:
I'm sick of Zaktar cloning himself
especially when he responds to his own posts
because nobody else will

unless they are provoking him

she can be taught/
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horus needs to come back
Gnomez wrote:
I don't do myspace
They have access to myspace in jail?
So spill the beans....was he imprisoned for a bad hair day?

You would be surprised what they actually let you do in jail. They even have cable, basketball and a weight room. I guess he must have been talking about it because he knew after what he had done, shit was about to hit the fan!
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Lookie, Lookie......I Found Cookies......
Here's a cool new game.......find out the two topics where these quotes came from on here!

Quote: FoF said: He turns like a fukkin mad dog dude,..one minute he`s aight,.then GRRRrrrrrrrrr
WHAT WAS YOUR ORIGINAL NAME!!!!! as in who did I meet you as? I dont know,..I better go before I piss all of you off. I just want everyone to get along,..when I talk like that people fuckin snap.

Quote: Catz said: Seriously fof, everytime you post here, there's a problem, just shut up and fuck off. Every one of us has our own unique style of writing, and if you pay enough attention, you'll notice it. I have a theory about someone who is a real airheaded bitch, and I'm not talking about jennyb4u9 either. Let the games begin!::smile

Quote: FoF said: Live by your words bitch,...and umm I just looked it up and callin me "gay" and tellin me to "shut up and fuck off" was NOT in the being nice section of my little book of common sense.So I call it as I see it and you call that talkin shit?? Thats only a reflection you`re seeing ,..dooood.I`m runnin the show here,,, DANCE PUPPET!!!!!! DANCE!!!!! I will now leave you to all that you THINK is yours,....::animatedlaugh (good luck with all that.....FOF.)
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Got a Fav... Board/ Card game ya like?
LordOfDarkMetal wrote:
Strip poker. Any ladies willing to play? No guys or fags please!

too late, you got both!
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horus needs to come back
*Horus* wrote:
franky_boy wrote:
*Horus* wrote:
*Horus* wrote:
franky_boy wrote:
and slam CJ the schizo some more 

No HEFTY, the white trash boy, i only wanna slam you!

And I see it slowly crawling around your toothpick of a neck...... WATCH OUT!!!!!!
You dont quite have the Horus persona down very well. He HATED me...it was someone who had a major bone to pick and they trolled HARD!!!! HARDCORE HARD trolling...sick trolling.
You sort of fail right now as Horus...you`ll have to kick it up about 1000 notches...
yeah cj, you suck at being horus.

..........and this is coming from an acceptence seeking fat boi such as yourself?

you.......you......you leave me alone or i'll report you to the Metal Police....i will, i swear it.....i will...*gulp*
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Re: Ozzy's 'Life Won't Wait' video posted!
LordOfDarkMetal wrote:
It was ok. Not his best.

You're sooo wrong, one of Ozzy's best and i've seen them all.
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Users Online vs. Guests
LordOfDarkMetal wrote:
8 lurkers or pervs and 3 users

Wrong, 15 lurkers and 2 losers
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