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PM from KISSFAN77...
both of you literally shut the fuck up rite now.

*gets off joey bennets mom, walks out.*
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pm from KISSFAN77....
*backs truck up to 55 gallon barrel storage room*
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Steven Tyler VS. Chris Cornell
mic jagger.
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Bonzo and Bill.....
VANHALEN or rot.
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Remembering when 2008 was better than 2006...
dear gnomezy,
      3010 post aint shit.

*puts in van-halen 1984 cassette*
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what movie??
stevenstrong wrote:
The bloody answer is la bamba dood.

WHAT movie?? " Don't u say a word, or else theres gonna be shit on my knife, not on my dick."

american me. starring edward james olmos.

WHAT in the hell fuckin movie?? " u take the blonde, i'll take the midget. "
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Ministrymember99's Ozzfest 2011 LINE-UP!!!
shut the hell up gnomez_troll.

1.david lee roth.

nuff said.
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what movie??
rocco vs. jenna pt.2??

WHAT movie?? "hey slater, gimmie sum drugs maaan."
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Rite now i smell like...
what else?....marijuana mutherfucker!!!
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Hey Stevie
stevenstrongg is in mexico with haggar.
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what movie??
mai lee taste goo.
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stevenstrong got BANNED from plentyoffish.com...
i will literally drop-kick u off the top rope bitch.
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Did ya miss me?
dear absent_lung=penis, i know your reading this, your just too scared to log in because u know u will get bashed so hard.....fukkov and die.
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What are you listening to now?!
david lee roth- first solo album.
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stevenstrong got BANNED from plentyoffish.com...
...for "igital harrassment".

because words hurt.

ROTH or fukkov.
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