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Re: 3d chalk art
WOW, really?? Your art is magnificent!!! I did a shitty chalk picture years ago and it looked nothing like your stuff...I give you a full 10!!! 
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4005 Posts.
I have no plans for the weekend other than trying to get over this atrocious sinus infection...I guess this means I will continue doing lots of sleeping...such a bummer!!!! 
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I love Doc Marten shoes...I noticed lots of goths. wearing them (my cousin was goth as a teen) and fell in love with these boots...I have 4 different pairs and they are so comfortable...They also make such a statement with the rest of your outfit you may be wearing....everyone that does not own a pair should consider getting some...They have an awesome selection at Amazon....Maybe in the future I can post a picture of mine...My favorite pair comes all the way up to my knee and are black with red roses on each side..Anyhow, anyone who loves these shoes and would love to comment, I would appreciate it a lot...
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Re: Cool Ozzy stuff....
IDK bout you guys, but, I have had my eye on the Ozzy bobblehead at Amazon for quite some time...it looks so awesome, gonna have to purchase it very soon for myself..
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