I need your help so please read for a friend of mine!by Chuk Cooley on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 12:04pm

Please help out my friend Mike

Scaccias/guitarist from the bands Rigor Morits, Ministry and the Revolting Cocks

About a week ago he posted that he was selling his dream guitar to help pay for his Moms meds, she has stage 4 lung cancer. Well, it got me thinking and I wrote this on his wall..Scaccia has 833 friends, if they all sent him $10 he could help his Mom and keep his dream guitar. There is now a P.O. Box to send donations. I wanted to ask you as my friends if you would please help out.No donation would be too small...I mean, for the price of a cocktail you could make a real big difference. Donations can be sent to Mike Scaccia P.O. Box 733 Panutillo, Tx 79835-5407. Thank you! So much for your HELP!

Check out Mike at his face book site and add him and share with him a kind word!


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