Event Date Venue Price Range 
Alice Cooper Tickets 7/13 7-13-2010
7:30 PM Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN $90 - $90 Buy    Sell 
Alice Cooper Tickets 7/18 7-18-2010
8:00 PM Fraze Pavillion in Kettering, OH $60 - $124 Buy    Sell 
Alice Cooper Tickets 7/25 7-25-2010
7:30 PM Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, NY $56 - $56 Buy    Sell 

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holiday star plaza has a great stage!  only a few feet off the main floor.
we saw Aerosmith there for the Done with Mirrors tour (right before they were dragged off to rehab)

its inside the hotel complex and it used to be, if you book a room there, tickets are discounted but they get you with an increased room rate.  its worth it not to have to drive home.

and what the hell is it with shows on weekdays???  its really tough for me to keep getting time off work for shows.
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Alice is playing a small venue in my town on July 14th.....we have a local summer concert series (runs from May to Sept. EVERY THURS...EXCEPT FOR ALICE is on Wed.).....$10.00 gets you in.....most of the acts are small time.....Nightranger , Loverboy , Bodeans ,Gin Blossoms, and the local bands.....Cooper and Vince Neil are the biggest acts coming this summer....GREAT TIME ......and really cheap....if anyone is in the area...come check out Alice Cooper for  $10.....thats a deal....and last year he brought all his toys and theatrics ....this year should be no exception.

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