Sharon called "ArkAttack" (Lightning/Bride-Ressurection)
Both "Strange & Weird", as much as i usually love her comments (As do we all!)
Isn't it kinda the pot calling the kettle fat? However, Both Pierce & Sharon
understandably agreed w/they're comments on "Prince Poppycock" saying:
"idn't think ANYONE could upstage Freddie Mercury", "Male Lady Gaga!"
I however do strangely agree w/their statements on Poppycock,
But STRONGLY disagree on Sharon's statement torwards "ArkAttack"
which Oddly Pierce actually liked for a change, hell the Bride looked like Awa!

Please Let/Allow Others To Make-Up They're Own Mind!

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Kylie Minougue Was On It Tonight...My Lil' Sis Is Her BIGGEST Fan!
Too Bad, Since She Choose To Goto A Vegas And Win & Huge Pool Game Instead!!!

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Not Again...That Crappy Dancer "Hasak" Got Voted Through,
But "ArcAttack" Got Voted Off BY VIEWERS...WTF PPL???
But "Gabby Sidibe's" Mom Was Phoenominal/Amazing!!!
Her Voice Was VERY Powerful & Oh-So Moving...I Wept!
But "Sharon" & "Howie" Thought That She Was Just Okay?
WOW...How Is It That This Season, "Pierce Knows His Stuff,
Yet Both "Sharon" & "Howie" Seem To Have Lost Their Spark?
Don't Get Me Wrong...She Is A Great Manager & He's A Great
Commiedian/Host, But Without "The Hoff" This Show Ranks Of Fail.
Boot-Off "Howie" & Bring Back "avid" Next Year!!! I Done w/This!

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