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I thought you worked at McDonalds?

I work at a haunted house (www.thrillvania.com).  Kissfan77, you've probably heard the ads for it on 97.1

i've always wanted to work at a haunted attraction....scaring the living crap outta people is fun 

I get paid to sit my fat ass in a (very) comfortable chair and wait for people to come so I can make 'em scream.  The best reactions for opening weekend.  Blonde chick running in place, screaming, because I was behind her and somebody was in front of her and she was in a doorway.  Her name was Elise (or maybe Alise, don't know, somebody followed her and eventually learned her name and spread it w/ a description around the place so we' all freak her out more).  Another woman "You suck at your job and need to be replaced".  10 seconds later she did a hurdle over a couch in my room.  Some guy "There's no way in hell you can scare me" same amount of time later he was on the ground screaming like somebody was raping him.
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