Pretty self explanatory lol
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Imagine if Ozzy managed to get Black Sabbath together to play Ozzfest this year.....whether as a one off concert or a 6, 10 or 20 date full blown tour
What a coup and sold out event that would be!!!!
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I defy, challenge, and confront ANYONE to post up a written/published previously dated account of ANY OZZFEST "rumor"
whatsoever that has EVER come to be .......there is no such thing.
And furthermore OZZFEST has such an airtight track record of secrecy I doubt it will ever have an info leak at all...
Were is that LIKIWEAKS bitch now huh?!?.....(gettin asspounded in an interpol jailcell ! hehehehe)

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All rumors are fictional bullshit so far.  Unless they come from Wiz, I believe nothing.
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