Surf the net.......listen to my ipod.......act like im actually doing work

...hell im doing it right now posting on this place 

....Im the only one here, I guess everyone else has real jobs
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...snatching off in yooz pocket with your left sock in your other hand.
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I access this site off my phone from work all the time.....often I just leave it logged on for a while and check if anythings happening.
I can't use my work computer as our mail marshall blocks sites like this
When I'm at work it's your afternoon or evening so it's really the only time there's action here
If I visit here after work then you lot are tucked up in bed and I end up talking to myself
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all I have to do is show up
my boss b/s's with me for hours so
I hardly have time to get my job done
which is, of course, all his fault

I love being on salary
Helping My Boss Find His Own Ass with Both Hands since 1986!
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Your boss must love you and he obviously thinks you work hard
I'm a contractor so I get paid lots to do fuck all
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