Holey hell
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That 1 prob. broke some dishes
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yeah i'm waiting on hearing from my friends over there to make sure they are still afloat not doing alright.
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Frist ChirstChurch ,now Japan ...

DAMN.....I live on the west coast and was in the '89 San Fran Quake

that was bad ,but nothing like what those  people are goin threw ..

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I bet those morons in Egypt feel really fucking stupid right about now.
crybaby attention whores.
I wonder if the quake in new zealand had something to do with triggering the quake in Japan?
Eeeeeh, who cares, fuck 'em both.
Get Some Punks!! Talk shit - get hit by a 8.9 Quake!! Thats how we Roll,,MMk?

Mmmmmmm Hmmmmm Who0o0o0o Wheeeee!
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