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I've been on these boards since '03.  They changed the board in '07 and everybody had to re register
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BERGER wrote:

PrimusSucks wrote:

Is anyone from the 04 boards still here besides Wiz and FOF?

I've been here since the beginning of the Ozzfest boards.  Anyone here remember RANNBLOOD?  I rarely if ever post.  Just don't usually have much to say.

No one remembers RANNBLOOD!!?  I guess that I am the only one here who goes back that far.  I think it was the Ozzfest board back in 1998.
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Many people have come through here over many years now.
Unless you posted a bunch its hard to remember ya know.

Oh yeah,
LOLZ troll needs to go! Hell! All trolls need to go!
Thats what killed this place for most.

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