Why didnt BLS play!?!?! I heard there was a tornado warning, but there was no thunder or lightning and the rain stopped shortly after. Nobody was forced inside, stands werent moved so to me this is bs. They would have shut the whole outside off in the case of a tornado. And do you know how many people came to see BLS? To many people that they were the headlining band. Sorry if that hurts somebodies ego but its the truth. I waited hours to get close to zakk, I even denied water for fear of losing my spot. A delay I can understand but a cancelation is unacceptable. Let him play instead of/overlapping another band.You couldn't even let him play a song, play the national anthem, anything! That would have made alot of people happy.  And tbh the main stage wasn't that great. The real party was at the second stage. As far as I'm concerned I am owed a show.
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yeah man its sucks, i dont know why they canceled i was hearing a bunch of rumors, first i was hearing that they were getting moved to the main stage so me and buddy walked over there and nothing was happening so i headed back over to the second stage and saw that BLS drum set was set up and that they had there amps out so it looked like they were going to be playing then i heard that zakks rig got messed up so they weren't going to play and next thing i know they started to shut down the second stage, so i dont know exactly why they didnt play, i saw on zakks twitter that he said they shut down because of a tornado in the area and they were worried about playing while other people would be playing, i would have much rather have seen BLS then Nonpoint though
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after the rain stopped i went over to the second stage while everyone was heading over to main-stage. i talked to some of the BLS roadies and they said that the reason why BLS didn't play last night was because some of their equipment and soundboard got wet and was ruined. i know that they could have just borrowed equipment from another band and programed a new soundboard within 30min, but it wasn't BLS making the decision. live nation told them there not playing and i can guarantee you that Zakk was backstage about to kill the live nation cunts!
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i went inside for shelter from the rain and then i went back to the second stage, i asked some security if he was playing and he said probably not
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This was totally lame.  They had a 60 minute window between the end of Drowning Pool and the start of Nonpoint.  BLS should have used the Nonpoint equipment setup and played on the main stage...which is where they should have been playing anyway.

Can't wait for show @ Hammerstein Ballroom 10/20
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wow i did not hear any tornado warnings from my phone during the show. just a litttle rain. and its sad that they didnot play main stage they would have been better there then non point. i love zackie and wished to see him play. but had to stake my place at the barricade at main stage.  i agrre that they could have borrowed sombody gear and the soundtechs could have helped them out as well.  god it seems livenation/fanfire has to get their act together. i keep hearing from the peeps about all the fuckups they have this is not how to treat folks guys.
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I heard zall wylde lost himz meth bowl, that's y BLS couldn't take stage....hail ZALL!!
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Black Label Society with Children of Bodom & Clutch live in Pittsburgh!
Location:Trib Total Media Amphitheatre
Time:6:00PM Saturday, October 16th
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I didn't hear any thing about tornado warnings but did get a pic of this shortly after Halford finished there set.

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