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Holy fuck I better start preparing my best man speech!!!
Great work little Wiz
Congratulations man!!!
(I presume she said yes)
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Say hello to the end of your life.
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Nah he's been married before
He's already been to hell and back
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thanks Gnomez....and you r correct ....i've been to hell and back actually twice....but this one feels different...there was a connection that happened almost instantly..like i've known her all my life..it is amazing.....(this is coming from a guy that was never going to get involved let alone married ever again)...and here i am engaged....i'm happier than i've ever been before.

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congrats da wiz!  hope she's a packers fan!  set a date yet?
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congrats  man....

me and my wife hope and pray things work out for you 2...

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Git-R-Dun Wiz!
See you in the darkness wanker!
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Congrats man!!  Talk about a New Years resolution.....

Dont forget your Tuxedo T-Shirt 
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congrats man, i'm happy for you..... i think..... 

at least your man enough to make a real commitment 
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