The 3rd & Final Transformers Film by Bay, w/ Teabag_LeDouche or the 8th & Final Harry Potter film baced on the 2nd part of the 7th book. Here's my take: if you read the last HP book you rly don't need to see the film, since the books are much better anyways! But Bay & his crew will be tweaking TF3 til the very last minute, so the book won't be very accurate.

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If you would rather wait for either the Bluray or Dvd versions of either, then know that the HP Blurays usually contain a ton of Bonus features, but the Dvds only have a Gag reel &/or Deleted scenes. But the Transformers Dvds have nothing (other then limited 2-disc edition) & the Bluray versions have hardly any more then basic Behind Bays camera & conceptual art.

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The Hub (Hasbros network) are shooting themselves in the foot...again! They currently owe Discovery $500mil. & are threatening to charge more for toys if that doesn't change! All Because of the high price to run it, everchanging programing block w/o notice to viewers & unbelieveably high-tier unavailibility. As much as i love both GI¤JOE & Transformers, i allready own all classic JOE, Gwun & Beast Wars on Dvd. So the only thing they have going for them is new eps. of TF: prime & that is a problem. To sum it up, they're just doing it to themselves & you can't fix stupid.

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