If You Didn't Allready Have An EDIT Button,
Which Option Would You Rather Have?
A Perfect Profile That's Actually BETTER
Then The Previous May 2007 - May 2010
w/8-10 Pic Uploads, Bigger Main Avatar,
The Ability To Have Ozzy Music/Songs
Playing In Background Of Each Page!
Flash Games Such As Ozzworld & Whatnot,
The Ability To Have YouTube Vids In Profile
Comments Section Or On Page Itself...Plus More!
Think About It Ozzspace COULD Return To Be
As Big As, If Not BIGGER Then Myspace Itself!
OR You Can Sit Back & Enjoy A Very Basic, Yet
Outdated Web Forum That Mocks The Prince Of Darkness!
The Choice Is ALL Yours & Remember...YOU HAD A CHOICE!

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A perfect profile. I want my old 1 back! It was bad@ss! I had friends, a kick@ss comment section, was able 2 upload 5 pics plus my main pic, I had an about me section, music section... need I go on? Screw the edit button! I still can't use it! I'm using $hitty cell net! So it's useless 4 me. Besides if you make a mistake so what! Re-do and go... oops! My bad!
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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