This April, Austin?s Solid Waste Services Department will have a new name. The number one pick right now? The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts.

But hang on, what does solid waste have to do with Fred Durst? Or with the humanities and arts for that matter?

Over the last month, the City of Austin has asked its citizens in an online vote to submit potential ideas for a new name to ?better reflect all the services the Department provides.? Created by Kyle Hentges, the ?Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts? gained popularity quickly, pulling in roughly 16,000 votes in the last five days and a grand total of 28,000 votes as of Tuesday. Trailing behind, the ?Department of Neat and Clean? is the runner up with only 1,998 votes.

While Austin is known for its music scene, it is impossible to know at this point whether the city will go through with naming its Solid Waste Services Department after the Limp Bizkit frontman.

Jennifer Herber, the public information specialist for the City of Austin, told NPR that the name will ultimately be decided by the city manager and that the poll was just for ?public input.? However, Durst is currently aware of the voting process, and responded to a fan on Twitter last Wednesday saying that he ?loved it.?

Let?s just hope Durst won?t be too disappointed if the city manager doesn?t decide to rename their department in his honor come this spring.
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I really truely belive that Fred Durst and Solid Waste go hand in hand ....

they both big piles of Shit .......
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