Like for instance "Five Finger Death Punch" = Five Finger Dick Punch

ummmz, Winger = Winker

Motley Crue= Motley Crows or sompins

Marylin Manson = Mayrlin Mansuck
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i made a thread like this a while ago, unoriginal catzzz lol.


Motley Crue = Butt Cheek Stew

Marilyn Manson = Olsen Twins Dancin'

Bleeding Through = Bleeding Poo

Backstreet Boys = Backdoor Toys

New Kids On The Block = Black Kids On The Rock

Insane Clown Posse = Upside Down Pussy

3 Inches Of Blood = 3 Inches Of Pud

Busta Rhymes = Bust A Nut

Ice Cube = Mice Pube

Wu Tang Clan = Poo Wang Stan

Stone Temple Pilots = Bone Strokin' Pirates

Coldplay = Old Lay

Misfits = Dipshits, Shit Fits, Bitch Tits
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1... Soungarden ~ Soundlikefartin  2... Madonna ~My Momma  3... ~Live... High  4... Cab 4 Cutie ~Commode 4 Doody  5... Night Ranger ~ Call Me Stranger
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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Justin Beiber = Gnome Shoes
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we just happenend to be in the bar where KMFDM showed up after a gig
and the bartender told us they were there and pointed them out to us
and, we were way drunk, and started talking about how when you eat too much
Kentucky Fried Chicken it gives you the runs, and we call that KFCBM

the band didn't think that was very funny                         
Helping My Boss Find His Own Ass with Both Hands since 1986!
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so so gay

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