I know that alot of you don't really care one way or another ..but here it is any way....Gene Simmons will marry his girlfriend of 28 years, the actress and former Playmate Shannon Tweed, in an October ceremony, his representative said on Thursday.

The wedding will put a traditional twist on a decidedly untraditional relationship between the hard rock icon and the model that, since 2006, has been chronicled in the reality TV show "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels" on cable network A&E.

The Israeli-born Simmons and the Canadian-born Tweed have two adult children together, Nick and Sophie.

An invitation for the wedding, which will be held on October 1 in Los Angeles, was created that contains drawings of the family done by Nick Simmons and a message by Sophie Simmons.

"There will no longer be a Team Tweed or a Team Simmons but instead a Team Tweed-Simmons," the message read.

Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis: Editing by Bob Tourtellotte / Reuters
Photo: Charley Gallay/AMA/Getty Images for AMA
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I actually watched Gene Simmons' Family Jewels this last season, cheering for Shannon to make Gene
PUT UP OR FUCKING SHUT UP.  my favorite part was when Nick went to him and asked what he would do
if someone was hurting someone in his family.  it was the beginning of his eye-opening experience.

Rock star or not, there comes a time when the cock-on-the-walk stuff gets really old

I'm glad, especially for his kids' sakes, that he's finally making an honest woman of her.
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At least we agree on something, used to watch that show all the time at my sisters (Christy) house. But last time i was there i started rly getting into DOG; the bounty hunter & Jersey Shore (which rly isnt all that bad if watch a marathon or so.) anyways...back to Gene & Shannon, should have happened long ago and never let him go grocery shopping ever again...not even wholesale! LMFAO.

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FINALLY!!!! Geez it took him a loooonnnnggggg time. Just the same... I am glad that they are getting married. I like her. She balances him. I love their show too. Team Tweemons! Yeyyyy!!!
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