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da_wizard wrote:

my family and friends have instructions that they are to have a party when I die.....big fucking bash to send me off right. I don't want people crying and shit....I want them to celebrate my life and the good times i've had while I was alive.

Hellz yeah same here!! I told my wife instead of a casket just dig a hole big enough for my 66 Chevelle SS and shove us both in 
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If I don't meet you no more in this world then uh, I'll meet ya on the next one. And don't be late. Don't be late.
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Just all please enjoy every day of your lives!!

Don't make me come back to haunt you!!
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shatteredme3 wrote:

Just all please enjoy every day of your lives!!

Don't make me come back to haunt you!!

I Truly DO Care About ALL Of My Friends.
But I've Been RLY Worried Over How You Are ATM...
With All Of Those Strange MSGS Left On The Board,
I Thought You Were Going To Oust Yourself And I
Can't Just Sit Here And Say Goodbye Like Some
Nimrodic Idiot...I've Had Two Of My Best Friends In
Real Life Pass Away LONG B4 They're Time About
15 Or So Years Ago And I Don't Want That To Happen
To ANYONE I Know EVER AGAIN! Just Know That There
Are Those Who Truly Care About Your Well Being,
I'll Try To Be On As Often As Possible If That What It
Takes To Stop You From Thinking About Passing On.
Please Stay Away From Quacks...I Have For Over 24-Years
(Since I Was And Aside From Getting Reflux Or Having
Allergies To Certain Things I've Been In Amazing Health!
(Yeah, I Weigh Over 300lbs. But I'm Still Around And Don't
Need Any Assistance Doing Anything Or Going Anywhere!)
Just Remember To Take Natural Supplements + Centrum
And Drink Plenty Of Electrolytes (Pedialite, Flavor-ice Sport...etc.)
And Your Body Should Naturally Fight Off ANY Infection In No Time!
Hell, That's What It Took To Rid Me Of H1N1 (Swine-Flu) Seriously!

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never stop fighting
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Don't leave! Stay Alive! Watch Stayin Alive.. John Travolta's hot! Don't watch Schindlers List. It's a good movie! But sad. Titanic was good. Even tho it had a sad ending. Ya need 2 watch... Get Him 2 The Greek. Lmfao Hadn't laughed like that in awhile. ~Hope ya doin ok. May Prayers of Angels Watch Over You And Heal You Dear Friend. ~Angel ;p
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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