what a great time! every band we saw kicked ass. BLS deserved main stage, they were awesome.drowning pool really impressed me, halford was great, crue was really,really good, better than cruefest last year.  we got pit tickets and they are worth the price easily. ozzy was awesome!!!!!!!!! what a setlist. ive seen proboly over 100 concerts, and this may be the best one.  thanks for the great time ozzy, please come back next year.
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Yeah it really was a great show.  So you tell me since you were all the way up front.  Did you practucally go deaf from ozzy's set?  His vocals were turned way way waaaaay up.  My ears were kinda bothering me for the set and that never happens to me even when I've sat up front close to the speakers.  Not the guitars or anything else,  just the vocals because they were turned up so much.  But that didn't hamper my enjoyment and it did not take away from ozzy and the band's sheer awesomeness.  But ozzy was absolutely awesome!  He didn't miss a beat at all.  And spare me responses about how I should wear earplugs.  FUCK EARPLUGS! 
I was slightly disappointed that they cut Fire in the Sky from the set.  But killer of giants was just so awesome. 
I'm not a crue fan so I had a difficult time sitting through an 80 minute set of it or whatever it was.  I liked a few songs though.
Halford was just amazing!  I' seen him on the solo tour in '03 and he sounded even better last night.  Not sure but I think they cut a song off the set. 
Bls was great as always, but way too short.  Shorter than other years when they headlined the second stage. 
I enjoyed every other band on the second stage except drowning pool.  I took a break during their set because I"M not really a fan.  All the other bands I' seen before and liked so I knew I what I was in for and it delivered.  A shame about Goatwhore not playing.  But all in all this was definitely one of the better ozzfests.  For me anyways. 
Now it's off to Mansfield   
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Yeah  I wish Goatwhore played too, and had some shirts there, but atleast Skeletonwitch, Kataklysm and Kingdom of Sorrow were awesome to make up for it. I got to meet Jasta again and take a picture with him which is always awesome because hes one of my favorite frontmen in metal. We upgraded from lawn to seats for 10 bucks, and then moved to lower seats anyway, but thats a lesson I learned that Im always gonna do. I am now forever going to buy lawn and upgrade for 10 or 20 bucks. The Crue were decent eventhough Im  not a fan. They sounded good, but I just cant get into them. Ozzy was awesome, and he went above expectations for my first time seeing him. I was shocked that he didnt close with Crazy Train, because I heard that he had at the other shows, and I also had heard that he wasnt playing "Mamma Im Coming Home" either, but he did, and that was great too. A 2 hour set from him was awesome. Overall, it was a great time for my first Ozzfest, and I will definetly be going again if they have it again. But moving into 99$ seats for only 20$ was awesome and actually one of the highlights of the day.
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