bummer for the overseas fans.....

The band have issued the following statement: "We have to announce that all forthcoming Heaven & Hell European shows have been cancelled as sadly Ronnie isn?t well enough to tour this summer. We hope that everyone understands and want to thank fans and industry colleagues for their continuing support at this time.?
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Oh damn I hope he gets better! I love that little guy. I know his battling cancer...

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yea that sucks I hope he is alright
RIP Rigger Dan
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He has to get through this... we are talking about a guy that has conquered demons and dragons  
Slave to the power of death
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That's sucks. Hope he's back up to slaying dragons in no time.
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That sucks. I was hoping he would be up to playing live again. Maybe since they cancelled all european shows, and Tony Martin cancelled his entire tour, they could make it up to the fans by performing a small amount of shows in 2011 and possibly an encore with sab & martin??? HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!!!
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here's to Dio kicking cancer's ass.....get well soon Ronnie

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