Hi, I've never been to the Ozzfest before, nor to the Hartford Theater (which is where my friends and I want to go and see it), but I've never had such a hard time in finding information straight from the demon's mouth (so to speak) on the place where we're going and the schedule there, and there's no help to be found with that on the main pages of this site either. Does anyone know if there is a direct website for this theater (I sure can't find one) for details such as site maps, seating arrangements, and actual band schedules?  I have never had to leave such information up to the third-party ticket reseller sites, nor the shit-stupid booking companies such as Live Nation, because all of the performing arts centers and theaters which I've been to have their own web sites to list it. I just want to be sure of whhere were going, and what were , and I really don't want to trust that to the third-parties which care even less about accuracy, if they even bother with it at all . For all I know, the city of Hartford, CT may have recently sold the naming rights to a different company than Comcast! Can anybody help with this?

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Yes it's completely outside for the entire day so plan accordingly.
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