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Catzzz wrote:

bitch umm gonna pick up teh world and dropeth it on fukkinz head

You can't even pick your dirty socks and underwear up off the bedroom floor....let alone pick up the world Mr Jellybelly :: finger
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Gnomez wrote:

You should just scratch your arse
It would be a lot easier
And you won't ruin your carpet

I got a bad-ass carpet cleaner so your carpet doesn't get ruiuned.
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stevenstrong wrote:

Nathan7X wrote:

Quit it with the butt jokes.  What are you in 5th grade or something? 

ok, u already crossed tha line with tha a7x thing, now yooz knockin butt-jokes...GTFO rite now!!

Must of had some butt issues as a child. I think we opened up some represed memories
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