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No Bear...As In Gnomez Iz My Twink! 

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gnomez a sheepdikk suckerz
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stevenstrong wrote:

hey gnomzey, FUCK your post count!!

(shameless BUMP)

Oh yeah 2000......
That was like SO yesterday Stevie
:: finger
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ZaktarZodiac wrote:

Gnomez wrote:

2 maybe 3 years ago we had a two day music festival in Wellington (1 hr flight/6 hr drive from where I live).
It was called Rock2Wgtn.

Day 1 Lordi, Alice Cooper and Kiss played
Day 2 Ozzy, Poison and god one other umm Whitesnake (?) played

Well Damn...That's Ozzfest 07 With A Better Lineup! So Did You Go To Rock2Wellington?
OH And I Always Forget To Ask, But Have You Ever Been To Hobbiton?
OR Were You Ever An Extra On Film/Series Shot In NZ...Such As Wingnut Or Renassance Films?

Yeah man I went to Rock2Wgtn
It was fantastic
Have been to Hobbiton numerous times
The place where a lot of it was filmed is called Matamata which is a 40 minute drive away
They only call it Hobbiton as a gimic to attract tourists
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