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But kangaroos would be a great ride if you could hang on!!!!
nice try captain pathetic-epic fail


Pathetic is still living with dad at the age of 30+ doing dope and chasing kids on the net!
Poor pedo dope freaks need a life or a good ass whoopin!

Hell,Jail would be the right place kid.
yeah jail ....for posting on a PUBLIC FORUM, bitch!!
...and stop talking about my family you inbred pedo faggot

Thats right Mr Pedo boy!
Us vets here well know you and Catz go after little kids on the net.
Far as your drunk old dad,maybe you should come clean and just tell all how dad to this day tucks you in at night and what he does.Hmmmmm

Childhood trauma is why you are the way you are kid!
Now move along Mkk... Gayhem along with pedo Catz is your home MMk..

Be a good lad and get help.

Bump for LiveAids,or now going by screen name LOLZ.Duh...

You see how much of a freak we have here?
Stay away from this guy!

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Get a clue kid.

Get Some!!

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