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justinsmith47 said:

voxgirl19 said: I can understand that....None of the people in our band are that Web Savvy....I'm sure I could figure it out but I don't have time to sit and piddle with html and such. Especially when I have classes and I already handle merch, photography..etc...

Well let me know when you guys get that site up. ..and if you are ever down in near Mobile, Alabama we'll hook you up with a show

Its kick ass that your the photo merch girl....as my G/f has that job for our band. Your doing a honorable service for the metal community.

There is talk about me being manager too..lol I already boss all of them around and take care of them...I am the band mommy mostly. And I enjoy doing it. I mean if your gf can't support you and your music then well....she certianly isn't helping the relationship...I believe in my fella::animatedsmile
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