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DirtButton wrote:

I've been off and on since '02, never really posted a lot back then. Now I have a job that pays me to surf the net all night, so I post more. 
Wow...I am truly surprised at that,..why did`nt you say so earlier??,..I thought you were one of the Mayhem spammers at first....(FOF salutes the board vet...)

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From the get go off and on.

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Been around for nearly 4 years, been posting for 3.
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i don't remember... i've gone to 10 fests now over 12 years and i've been occasionally scouting the boards since the start.  So i would have to say i've been on the ozzfest boards for at least 8 to 10 years. My name has always been the same
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highrise wrote:

Started comin around in '06, didnt start postin til '08

same but i came in 06 and starting posting in 07

so 4-3 years for me.

man all the people we've seen come and go over the years.... this thread makes me miss old members.
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can't remember for sure, 2005 or 6 I think
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puffpuffpass wrote:

ozzrokk wrote:

back on the old sony boards when they tried to get the asylum going

what's the asylum?

was gonna be an exclusive membership and you had to pay but it
didnt make it
RIP Rigger Dan
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probably been posting since 2007, but it was never a lot.  just a few posts here and there.
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Date Registered:  September 08, 2008, 09:37:02 AM
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