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Tiger479 wrote:

I predict at the end of February, or March.

Talk about wishful thinking!   
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I'm picking that some time within the next 12 months we'll know..... 
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CaptinMetal420 wrote:

I think that if they do continue to do Ozzfest they need to change the format. It needs to turn into a multi-day destination open air festival. It can go around the country and do like 6 shows in all territories such as Southeast, Northeast, midwest, west etc. More bands could add up to a more diverse line-up to please any kind of metalhead that wants to attend.

this is actually not a bad a idea at all.  especially if they keep up with the 6 destination idea like they did last year.  plus i've always wanted to go to a multi-day festival but theres never any good ones within like 300 miles of me.  the way things are looking, there won't be many tour dates this year either since ozzy's pretty much been on tour since the end of last years ozzfest (and he's still on tour or going on tour again if im not mistaken).

back to the topic, they will probably announce something at the end of april or in may.  just dig through the news on the website for when they announced everything last year.  the announcement will probably be around the same time this year.
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