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All shirts were 35 and up? I heard from someone on the mayhem forums who went that the second stage bands were 25. Is that wrong then?

All the bands shirts for the two small stages at Mayhem were $25.
The Main Stage was $35.

It beats the $50 people were expected to shell out at Maiden.
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oooh free monster kool kaos.  where the bootleg tyedye?
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They were not as nice as the official ones; they were made from the graphics posted for Ozzfest. They were nice, but not AS nice. If they want to be sure that people don't bootleg, why not just let them show up since they always will but make them be by the gates in or out. And make the "official" ones with a TM or something, or signed by the bands (in ink and repro'ed). IDK. Seems a shame to kill entrepreneurialism. It's what the US is all about ya know?
I'll believe it the day Ozzy sings a real love song. ::animatedlaugh
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