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bum rush the stage with 30 other people might work

I was 5-6 people back from centre stage once watching Maiden with my feet planted firmly and trying to keep my spot.....this huge bald sweaty heavily muscled, heavily tattooed fucker just came barging his way through the crowd from the back.....with my most evil
stare and with my arms firmly crossed in my staunchest pose I let him past
...he was a big cunt and he looked he was sweating on me

once upon a time we were really close to the stage and someone tried doing that to us (not as big and scary) and my sister and I ended up double teaming him, shoving him down the row where security nabbed him and tossed him out.  Ozzy saw this and was laughing his ass off at us, giving us the thumbs up!
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how to get front row??

answer: 50 buks to me at teh gate and ah blow job later.
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