Im looking forward to it. Sure ill have to drive 3 Hours to Pittsburgh but it will be worth it. I may not be a huge Motley Crue fan but it would be cool to see them. As for Halford, I was suppose to see Judas Priest back on OZZFEST of 2004 but that bitch Mother Nature didnt change her tampon and sent her hurricanes and canceleld my show. So this is a good way to make up for it. And NONPOINT. I use to see them all the time when they performed at this local radio station concert called The BuzzBake Sale. I havent seen them since like...2002 (I think). And I havent seen Drowning Pool since OZZFEST 2002 (R.I.P Dave "Stage" Williams).

As for the rest of the bands...Ill give them a try. Sure I preffer metal bands that actually sing like Godsmack, nonpoint, Drowning Pool, DragonForce etc. But ill give'em a shot. And just like what "FIRSTOZZYFAN" said. He will taking part in an 18 month tour. So you will have another chance to see OZZY. I just hope they have some sort of VIP ticketing packaging for OZZFEST.
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