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see ya in the PIT!-Look for me in my SIXX hat
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yeah, i was bieng sarcastic i get like that sometimes. lol FOF.  is anybody goin to park in the garage near the battleship/aquarium? i usually park there its 25d for day. feels safe there for my car. and its only a short walk to the venue.  plus i get there early by 2hrs so im not rushed. and i tailgate. i hope ta meet all of ya to put faces to ya. its gonna be so crowded in the pit and i might not recognize you all. i know Sixx is doin backstage. are you FOF.
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555_elCheapo_Pizza wrote:

Jayman wrote:

paozzygrrll56 wrote:

HELL IS NJ THATS WHY I LOVE AN LIVE IN PA.. LOL FIRST OZZFAN, I GREW UP OUTSIDE DC LATE 60S it was same there, everyday news would shout out the murders in sedc but ya know what my dad worked prop management near 14thst baad part atown then an now, but he treated his tenents with respect and they made sure he was not messed with. sure be cautious of your surrandings an all but plz stop scaring the baordee, all the times i got lost around camden, i got no troubles, i must be lucky. people actually helped me, for free.

Yeah FOF please stop scaring people away from this venue.  Always beware of your surroundings for sure, but you're not helping by making  people feel like they can't walk 2 blocks from the venue without getting murdered.  I"ve been there many times and always felt safe there.  THis is one of my favorite venues.  This is definitely an instance where I think the wiz should delete most of this thread for that reason.  Everybody should be cautious wherever they go, but not scared to go to an Ozzfest

Sadly, His Ozzy Avatar Says It All: FOF's Way Or The Highway...Think About It!  

Jay Man: I dont think PAOzzygirl is serious about people being scared away. I know her better than that.
The people of Camden are mostly good peeps,yet a lot towns (Camden included) have bad areas.
Read carefully yet dont read INTO it. Never said they`d get actually murdered...and did say the place is safe.
The part about "murder capitol" is a well known nickname NOT made up by myself. I`d say it`s media driven actually.
I`m going, have always gone there, and actually encourage people to go in other threads.
It`s a fact that a few blocks over is an area you CAN go to if you like,...but good luck with all that.
Consider this a travelers guide...
Whats with the attitude about deleting a conversation about the location (proximate) of a music venue?
(thats a bit harsh)
I can delete the whole thread if it bugs you so much Jayman.
( a free society should be scared of people like you Mr. censor)
Doubting there are really people scared to go there I would venture to say if they are.....
they`re not metulzz enough to see an Ozzfest.
I`ll be there with my worked at Ozzfest for 8 years and the other is a Dez Fafarra look-a-like.

And ZaktarZ....It`s just a picture of Ozzy in my avatar. Whats the problem with that?

I'm never one to advocate threads being deleted, but this is different.  You can say what you want about how people should be more metal and not be scared, but it's a fact that many many people will NOT go to camden because of things like this.  I can attest to this because I know people that won't go there because they do read reviews about the venue and how bad the neighborhood is.  There's all kinds of ridiculous reviews about the place.  I've read about how there's crack dealers outside the venue and I've read how there's a prison across the street and friends of prisoners hang out by the venue to try and see their friends through the window.  All kinds of silly nonsense like that.  Stuff like that DOES keep people from going to the venue.  It's comments like this that make people that are on the fence about going, not go:
but a mere block or two over and its a deathzone. Go there at the wrong time of night and you`re done.(I dare you...)

There are DDP (dominicans dont play)
MS13 (mara salvatrucha)
La mugre
Vatos Locos
Eighteenth street gang
Latin Kings.......etc. etc."

And this one as well:

"Stay in the well lit entertainment areas of Camden and when the show is over get the hell out of there.
Camden is the murder capitol of NJ,...neck and neck with Newark.
Leave when you can, while you can,.....
There is no "curfew" officially that I know of,,, just street thugs who will f -up your whole program if you stray off the beaten path."

Do you really believe that someone who's never been there and reads this would really want to go there?  I know if I've never been there before and I read this, I would not go.  This isn't about PAozzygirl.  It's a FACT, People ARE scared to go there already because of what they hear.  and your post contributes to it.   Your post is not helpful to anybody and does nothing but potentially scare off fans from going here.  
 You may as well call somebody a wuss for not wanting to drive down the streets of the south bronx or Bedstai brooklyn after midnight while you're at it.  You're telling people they better not walk down the wrong street or they're dead, and to run to their cars and leave while they can, and in the same breath telling them if they can't handle it they're not metal enough.  C'mon.  I always try to convince people to go to this venue.  You do nothing but envoke fear about this place.  
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The Truth will Set Ye Free...better to know than not. Better to live than learning the hard way.
I stand by my appropriate comments. Ya Vul Mien Commandant!!!!!!!

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The Truth will Set Ye Free...better to know than not. Better to live than learning the hard way.
I stand by my appropriate comments. Ya Vul Mien Commandant!!!!!!!
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The Truth will Set Ye Free...better to know than not. Better to live than learning the hard way.
I stand by my appropriate comments. Ya Vul Mien Commandant!!!!!!!

Yep I'm sure many will think "hey at least I know I'm gonna get murdered, but I"m not gonna let that stop me from going because I'm so metal".  
If you feel the need to try and discourage people from going there, knock yourself out.  Personally I think that's kinda lame but it Doesn't affect me either way because I'll keep going there.  Call me a nazi or dictator if you must.  But I have had discussions with people that will not go there because they read posts like yours or similar reviews.    
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Jayman wrote:


The Truth will Set Ye Free...better to know than not. Better to live than learning the hard way.
I stand by my appropriate comments. Ya Vul Mien Commandant!!!!!!!

Yep I'm sure many will think "hey at least I know I'm gonna get murdered, but I"m not gonna let that stop me from going because I'm so metal".  
If you feel the need to try and discourage people from going there, knock yourself out.  Personally I think that's kinda lame but it Doesn't affect me either way because I'll keep going there.  Call me a nazi or dictator if you must.  But I have had discussions with people that will not go there because they read posts like yours or similar reviews.    
I`m not trying to discourage anyone from going there. I am going...and I think everyone who wants to go should. I implore people to go.....and I doubt they`re not gonna go from my comments here.
At this late date anyone who is going has it set in stone.
Where were you when all the complaints about late breaking info hampered all the planning ahead everyone just HAD to make?
People have read posts "like" mine? Thats because people who post stuff like that know the deal.
That`s what time it is in Camden. (aaaagain....)The entertainment area is safe ...clean too...just dont stray into the `hood.
Just because a general area that has a questionable reputation is discussed doesnt mean I`m saying not to go.
This is NO newsflash`s a long standing issue in the Camden area. People should be streetwise to it.
Speaking of newsflashes....Heres a Russel Stover Assortment box of info for those who wonder about REALITY:

CAMDEN ? The body of a young mother from Pennsylvania has been found in New Jersey two weeks after she went missing following a party.

Twenty-three-year-old Jenna Lord had been missing since July 5. Family members say her body was discovered Sunday afternoon in CAMDEN after they set out to look for her.

Lord had gone missing following a family barbecue in nearby Collingswood. Family members say she called from a New Jersey train station to say she was on her way home to the Philadelphia suburb of Collingdale before she disappeared.

Police say Lord got off the train in Philadelphia, returned to CAMDEN and was never heard from again.

Lord's family says she is the mother of a 3-year-old son.

(It`s been in the news quite a bit around here.......I didnt write the kill the messenger.)

Oh look...more:

Locals say Camden cops under federal investigation terrorized community
Published: Saturday, April 03, 2010, 11:51 PM     Updated: Saturday, April 03, 2010, 11:59 PM
The Associated Press The Associated Press
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CAMDEN ? Josephine Skinner's grandson Dequan was 11 or 12 years old a few summers ago when she says he had a run-in with a Camden police officer who neighbors claim terrorized them for years.

As the youth crossed the street to buy a soda at a store, she said Officer Jason Stetser ? known on the streets as "Fat Face" ? sprang from his cruiser.

"He grabbed my grandson and said he had $100 of stuff on him," Skinner said. "They tried to lock him up."

For years, residents say some police officers have bullied them in this impoverished city, making cases by planting drugs on suspects, falsifying police reports, and conducting searches without warrants. Now four officers, including Stetser, are being investigated by a federal grand jury.

And prosecutors say they've had to drop charges or vacate convictions in 185 criminal cases because of possibly corrupt police work ? meaning scores of criminals could end up returning to drug-infested streets.

Another of Skinner's grandchildren, 15-year-old Artice Skinner, said he witnessed the episode between Stetser and Dequan and saw Stetser hold out his hand, overflowing with crack cocaine that the police officer said came from Dequan's pocket.

Skinner said Dequan was released after an aunt explained that he wasn't the neighborhood child police were looking for.

"The cops were more of a problem than the crime was," said Josephine Skinner.

Their Waterfront South neighborhood has breathed a little easier since November, when Stetser and at least three other officers were taken off the streets as authorities began their investigation.

Stetser's lawyer, Richard Madden, declined to comment.

Among those suspended was 29-year-old patrolman Kevin Parry. On March 19, he admitted in court that he stole drugs from some suspects, planted them on others, bribed prostitutes with drugs for information, conducted searches without warrants, lied on police reports and in testimony, and roughed up suspects. He acknowledged 50-70 acts of police misconduct from May 2007 to October 2009.

Residents say it was not uncommon for some officers to greet locals by punching them, using force to intimidate. The threat of criminal charges was the main police currency.

In Waterfront South, lovingly tended row homes sit uneasily alongside crumbling empty ones and monstrous warehouses loom beyond back yards. The stench from a nearby sewage plant hangs in the air. Daffodils have begun to bloom in a trash-strewn vacant lot.

A church group has painted poetry on sheets of plywood nailed over windows of vacant buildings ? like Pablo Neruda's lines, "I want to do with you what the spring does with cherry trees."

The same day Parry pleaded guilty last month, authorities spoke publicly about the investigation for the first time. Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk said several officers were being investigated by the federal grand jury. Only Parry has been criminally charged.

Faulk also revealed that 185 cases had been compromised because of possibly corrupt police work. It's not that all the suspects weren't guilty, he said, but that without using the reports of the officers, there was no more credible evidence.

Lawyers have now begun filing claims notifying the city of their intention to sue based on the actions of Parry and the other officers.

The investigation has cast doubt ? at least in Josephine Skinner's neighborhood ? over even more drug cases.

Bodega owner Manuel Torres says that he thinks his sons, Jonathan and Sterling, were set up by police for their drug arrests a few years ago. Neither has had his conviction vacated.

The scandal is the latest blow to crimefighting in a city that can ill afford it.

In report after report, Camden ranks as one of the nation's most dangerous cities. Known as the drug marketplace for locals and suburbanites, the city has a constant presence of U.S. Marshals and state police, along with city police.

But, there have been some promising signs. The murder rate began falling in the summer of 2008 when police reworked their schedules and strategies. They started using more sophisticated data to figure out when and where crime was highest. They used that information to make sure they had more officers on the streets at those times.

Residents of Waterfront South said their problems with the police predated those changes.

Among those whose drug convictions were vacated in December was Josephine Skinner's 46-year-old son, Mark. He said he had been arrested in November 2005, just weeks after he was released from jail on a previous drug-dealing conviction.

Mark Skinner said that 2005 arrest came as he sat on the stoop in front of his mother's home, and that police ? including Stetser ? slammed him against the wall. Police failed to find drugs on him or in the house, then showed up with a trash bag full of small orange bags of crack worth about $4,000.

He said he pleaded guilty to get a three-year sentence, rather than risk up to 20 years with no chance of parole for a decade if he' been found guilty at trial.

"I did three years for nothing," he said as he stood on the corner of Broadway and Viola Streets, near a new maritime museum ? and a well-known drug spot.

The neighborhood has plenty of stories about problems caused by the police in recent years.

Jamar Dorsey, then a 20-year-old student at Camden County College, said Stetser planted marijuana on him in 2007 and threatened him with drug charges if he didn't lead Stetser to more drugs or weapons.

When Dorsey said he didn't know where drugs could be found, he was charged.

He pleaded guilty to drug possession, taking three years of probation instead of risking a stiffer penalty at trial ? even though it meant losing his college financial aid and dropping out of college.

"Who were they going to believe?" Dorsey said. "Me or him?"

Another neighbor, Michelle Kellum, said her disabled son, Gregory, was 15 when he went to a corner store with money from his disability check. Stetser threw him in the back of a police car and took the money, she said, a little more than $100.

Kellum said the officer let her son go after she showed a receipt to prove where the money came from.

"Fat Face had everybody terrified," she said. "You wouldn't see anybody walking out here" when he was around.

And in the end, she said, the questionable police work failed its main objective ? taking drugs off the streets.

( So much for callin 911 in CAMDEN they`ll smash your face in, steal your dope, and threaten you to take them to more...)

Two Camden residents killed in shooting
By The Associated Press
August 09, 2010, 8:52PM
CAMDEN ? Camden police say two men have been killed in a shooting in the city. Police say 25-year-old Usama Eason and a 33-year-old male, both from CAMDEN, were shot at about 4 p.m. Monday at 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue. Eason was pronounced dead at Cooper University Hospital. The name of the second victim was not immediately released pending... NO ARRESTS have been made.

( this stuff happens blocks from the venue...not at the venue...big difference) Just stay near the arena.

Shhhhhhhhhhh! (FOF hears gunfire and explosions.......)



( FOF rolls into the underbrush and makes his way to the OZZFEST


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Ozzfest is the only reason I' ever go to Camden.  It's the shithole of NJ for sure.
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Piggy wrote:

Ozzfest is the only reason I' ever go to Camden.  It's the shithole of NJ for sure.
I should have just said would have saved me a lot of time.

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CAMDEN ? A 14-year-old girl pleaded guilty today to aggravated manslaughter, becoming the first person to admit in court a role in killing a suburban couple whose bodies were found buried in the backyard of a row home.

Nine other people ? three of them minors, have been charged.

Shatara Shakira Carter was the youngest person charged in the Feb. 22 slayings of Muriah Ashley Huff, 18, and her boyfriend, Michael Hawkins, 23, who were found buried behind the Camden home. She originally was charged with murder in the death of Huff.

In a plea agreement, the charge was reduced to aggravated manslaughter. She pleaded guilty as an adult.

Prosecutors are recommending she be given 20 years in state prison when she's sentenced July 9. Until then, authorities say, she'll remain in the Camden County Youth Detention Center.

In her plea, Carter, who lives in the Camden home behind which the bodies were found, said she was told by others to keep Huff, of Cinnaminson, downstairs while Hawkins, of Mount Holly, was beaten and eventually shot upstairs.

She said that after Hawkins was killed, the group decided to kill Huff.

Carter said someone else hit the woman repeatedly with a chair, then ordered Carter and others to "finish her off."

She said she choked Huff with her hands and a rope and tried to stab her. She said the woman finally died when a plastic bag was tied over her head.

Trial dates haven't been set for the other defendants, all of whom are to be tried in adult court.

( Ahhhhhh KIDS today....) They shoulda just gone to the OZZFEST........

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