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Dont forget a lawn ticket can be front row for the 2nd Stage!
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That's a good 1wiz! Lmao .... When I went 2 Ozzfest 07... I watched security trying 2 make sure people were in the right seats. I was  shocked 2 see that as soon as the security guards were busy or the lights went out b4 Ozzy that people jumped the rails and filled the seats. But not enough. Ozzy realized where the filled crowd was... Lawn area. He then replied that he could tell that people really used the lawn seats. Hint... It was a Freefest Ozzfest. Lawn was packed when Ozzy came on! But the concert was filled with lots of fans either way! It was a great Ozzfest besides the heat! \m/×\m/ ~Angel ;p
~MsCeeAngel~ XD
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da_wizard wrote:

leave Mantooth alone......he lives in his own little world.....but it's O.K.....they know him there

And So Do We...So Do We!!! 

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