Or at least that's what Jygorn/Zaktar calls me (and others) on his Mayhemfest profile page:-

LORDI, DragonForce, Jim Morrisson, Rob Zombie, Brett Michaels, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Screamers/Baroness (Rose Ward), BunnieGraves, Torture_Queen,

FOF/FirstOzzyFan/Richard/Bob_Hanks/A_C, MsCeeAngel/LordOfDarkMetal (Sherry/Alex)Luckyknickers_LK (Heather), Franky_Boy, AlpineValleyGirl, Catzzz/Sadian, Emos, Gnomez/sophiaknit/el_paz, RAMV Rammies, Members of OZZFEST.COM: May 2005-Feb 2007, Aug 2010-Now.
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Are you know...a tad self-conscious about the shape of your cranial area?
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I'm mildly perturbed by my pertuberences
I just thought that meant I had a big brain?
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{puts on top hat, Snidely Whiplash moustache and black cape
pulls cape up to her face, peeking over the top}

Drat!  He is too clever for me!

{skulks down the street, pauses, turns and looks to see if she's being followed
continues skulking down the street}

Helping My Boss Find His Own Ass with Both Hands since 1986!
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